Lukashenko said that Russia understood why he “slammed” subsidiary Bank of Gazprom

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that Russia understands the reasons why he was arrested eks-the Director of “Belgazprombank” (subsidiary Bank of “Gazprom”), the applicant for a post of the President Victor Babariko. He said this on June 28 at a meeting with activists of the Minsk region, fragments of which were broadcast on the TV channel “Belarus 1”.

“I noticed that they (the Russians. – “GORDON”) is realized. When we have this Gazprom Bank slammed, they all understood. All suffer: “Ah, Lukashenko planted.” And we did name was not there. We act according to the law, as it always has. But how else? $640 million through the Bank and laundered in Latvia have listed,” – said Lukashenko.

According to him, the Latvian Bank “pushed” the Americans investigating the facts of money-laundering in the large size. The timing of the searches in the Bank and the election campaign, the Belarusian President considers it accidental.

“When carried out the excavation in the Bank, what struck me – in all the major cells lying stick, hard drives and mountains of documents. When I was told about USB flash drives and hard drives, I realized that there is a huge amount of information. All: Oh, why it had not arrested? Why yesterday we ate cake and eat today? Because were not ready to prove it all. Because only in December last year, we were informed that there occurred”, – says Lukashenko.

He added that “the money and the paintings began to prepare for export from Belarus.”

On June 18 in Minsk, was detained competitor Lukashenko in the elections of the President of Babariko, which, according to opinion polls, confidently was in the lead in the rankings with the prospect of victory in the first round.

Babariko for 20 years led the “Belgazprombank”, he left this position in may 2020, when he decided to run for the presidency.

According to investigators, Babariko was the organizer of the illegal actions of the Bank, tried to influence witnesses, to hide the traces of crimes. General Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under part 2 and part 3 of article 285 of the Criminal code of Belarus (creation of a criminal organization or participation in it). The Belarusian KGB claimed that the activities of Babariko involved “puppeteers” from among the “big bosses “Gazprom” and the expenses are not connected with the election campaign in Belarus. The foreign Ministry of Belarus said that the former banker may be involved in money laundering and tax evasion.

Babariko and his son was charged and remanded in custody. The lawyer eks-the banker has declared the innocence of his client.

In Belarus is scheduled for August 9th presidential elections. Lukashenko, who heads Belarus since 1994, intends to run for another term.

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