Lukashenko called the boar of his likely opponent in the presidential elections

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has compared his potential rival in the upcoming presidential elections Valery Tsepkalo with the boar. He said this during a meeting with journalists, wrote the publication TUT.BY June 4.

Lukashenko recalled the words of his opponent that once the President of Belarus called trust from his grandmother by knowing about how many piglets born from the sow.

“He just doesn’t understand that the number of born piglets from sows and their quality does not depend on the sow. It also depends on the pig. And if a boar as this man, it will be stillborn piglets,” said Lukashenko.

He expressed the opinion that “people go to the polls to turn the country and to destabilize the situation”.

“Remember you who hear me: the country, they will not receive. We more than two decades and drabs, created a flourishing country before they privatized it and let the world behold these poor fellows who are always under the whip walked. We will not let them to divide Belarus, as it was in the 39th year,” added the Belarusian President.

Presidential elections are scheduled in Belarus on 9 August. Lukashenka is going to run for a sixth term.

Among the most prominent candidates – former head of the “Belgazprombank” Victor Babariko and former head of the high technologies Park, a retired diplomat Valery Tsepkalo. He was one of the leaders of the election headquarters of Lukashenka in the 1994 presidential election, after his victory became the first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus.

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