Looks like a screwdriver of the XXI century

Recently Techcult wrote about the drill of the XXI century with a touchscreen and lasers. But the screwdriver is traditionally considered to be more simple, reliable and very straightforward tool. What similar high-tech screwdriver advanced Italian production? And it is similar to the Kinetic device Driver.

Kinetic Driver designed by the Italian designer Giacomo Di Muro, the first of which has already noted the creation of a construction knife Maker Knife with retractable ceramic blade.

Kinetic Driver is made of steel with a brass cylinder at the top, which plays the role of flywheel. At the end of the screwdriver is a headband in the form of a ring, which is hidden ceramic bearing. The entire instrument is chemically anodized to make it impervious to rust.

To use Kinetic Driver it is necessary to press the headband by hand and twist the brass cylinder in the desired direction. The flywheel allows it to rotate relative to the head – that is, to rotate the screwdriver itself is not required. Although if you want to loosen a particularly stubborn nut, you can grab the cylinder with your palm and add torque.

Now the price of Kinetic Driver is $ 88. For this money you get the screwdriver, 24 interchangeable bits and carrying case. The series will be limited, Di Muro is planning to release only 5% of devices more than receive pre-orders for them and then production will be stopped forever.

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