Look seredini: Ukrayinki about the quarantine situation s coronaviruses the United States, Tal Span

Yuliya Of Paszkowska (Spania, Madrid)

We all Wabusaana postupovo. In schools quarantine provodili î 10 March, and segalini quarantine 16 March. Spochatku of sudi Bula shalena Panca: shop and Boule saponin people, products and not pistachio. Soprada through declo days h znovu became dostatno. People vzhe sidle in the home. Oskolki acentr pondus znahodytsya in Madrid, here Bulo introduced more arctc come in, than on all country. For situato on street stiati viyskovi for porsenna duty strafe in rsmr from 600 to 30 thousand Euro.

People on vulitsi mayzhe no — lachey ti, hto gulyayut s dogs ABO ydut shopping. By the way, dogs here really vykorystovuyutsia for dwellers to populate troch Dowse. Tom s view from the past ponedelko Bulo introduced Novi obmezhennya — z dog can the ghouls no more 200 meters from home I not bilshe 15 minutes. To a store asking the walks in Godin, if there nimensa people, that is not castle, than time in three dni. Have velik supermarketi puskayut lachey pewno the number of people on whod give odnoraz gloves the antiseptic. For shopping we have walks lachey have najblizszy supermarket Chi pharmacy. Tsini on products TAC well, Yak I to quarantine. Doprava dorog mask — 6 masks for 22 Euro.

Z medychne system situation duzhe foldable. We do not viscacha lcars not viscacha Lac for hvorih. Have operate to nanavati relief percocethow. Tests on coronavirus of nedostatki. H to roblet lachey people scho znahoditsya have group risiko (65+), that Tim, who hosptality (hosptality vdbase lachey have vipadku, yakscho can’t dihati).

So sklalos scho my homeland Ter sowore. Spochatku of people miy MAV temperature of 39.8, Yak Bulo practical nemozhlyvo of sbiti, potim mi s dongkou sahuaro Ter. Simptomi rozpoczecia s persna have girl, rskogo paviment temperature the dry cough. I satelital on Garasu LNU on that statement, writing everything simptomi, screwvala me in pollica to semeynogo lcara. Z pollici cholovika still sent to Shvidko, de VIN Chekov for relief 6 hours. Visnovku Bulo says: “PDSR on coronavirus”. The test we nhto not Robin, ale porekomendovali Solutia for 14 days. Z pollici home Telefono smani likar, dwellers capitati about camp health.

Vlad kazhe, shcho PC schodo sarazena mi vzhe experienced, number of nicowania Sensus. Doprava smartest pokey salesas vysokou. Quarantine Bulo produzena to 28 quinia.

Anna Yakimchuk (Italy, Castelletto Sopra Tchno)

Now I perebivay in Castelletto Sopra Tchno nevelichka mestechko in REGON N Monte. Ale pers wypadki caught me at Milan (Lombardy region). Spochatku to Karantin Buli lachey couple mstack de Boule salahi horobi. MLAN sche alive without you like. Nhto not brave to uwagi news about coronavirus, about yaky postijno spoke televsion. TSE Bulo NBI ere far from Menu.

Vzhe z CNCA fierce DVC we endured the flight, and 8 March I showsm vamil Alexandrovka Lubenski. S that day W Milan pouncy sacriwce to quarantine. Although naprawd sche 9 March VSI numeralia STI viati. At stations Bula Masa people — so potency hvori devel Halis on all Tal. After a couple of days kraïnu povnistyu zakrili.

First week quarantine on all Tal CCB listovi. Mozhna Bulo Spokane of Viti on velicu, regulates in the Park. Hello people of Bulo few , VSI detritovores distant. Vzhe potim has zaboravili sdite family u for purchase. The store pocha puskali lachey on odni Ludin from the Motherland. So it ceased puskali without masks I rukavica (in pharmacies stench from nayavnost, mi h smogli pridbati without problems). Bilya entrance to the supermarket skin put santizer. Pracaviki also masks the I mittens.

At a time of vihodili s home at once it is possible lachey s three reasons: to shop, to work, if Ob ctive can’t pracowali distancing; to lcara for neophot. Dwellers whatI s house on mashini, it saponite questionnaire zi svoj data I vkazati, kudi ti priamus. Us vulitsi patrull polca. Quiet, hto Wishaw s home without pavano reason, Karauli fines (least 270 Euro s person). Zacinto all ocrm supermakets, pari, yaki pratsyuyut lachey on shipping, and also zawodu pdprimstvo, robot yakih gitto neophane. Medychne staff in us viscacha at once to the robot primaute students, that has not zakonchili navchannya. Duzhe bagato medics hvoriyut.

On my Dumka, of all nebula such masshtabu through those scho talis s the cob neseryozno put to quarantine. Stink to ostannyoho vykarystouvac be that chancy, dwellers of Viti s home. Acbi zaporn come vdras Buli nestlike zhorstky Yak at a time, victims Bulo b less then. The prot naut at a time, if the situation is such masshtabu Sochi, talic sbergami pozitivni nastri. On skin box hanging placate: “All will be good! A Strong Italy”.

Katherine Rusnak (USA, Mlook, state VSANs)

The US situation duzhe not stably. Have skin from her own Vlad, Yak separatist virsu, if I Yak sama bude prohoditi quarantine, that bsnes vancity to newacademy, I robot Godin CIR bzness. On the one hand TSE good, and s hogo — if skrtl situation pogroms (especially from new York), in according the States, people prodoljaute Spokane personates the life zvichayniy Getty. Splines yea, surely, are masowe of scritta restaurant to a b_znes.

Quarantine me from catching most Chicago. There is CCB just Straseni chaos, people kupuvali all pgrad. Here 17 March I STI pohala I now perebivay on pmnoc state VSANs. TSE to dosit dalene, fermerski state, that everything Spokane. The quarantine here was imposed later than at NSA States — 25 March, I thrivetime VIN 30 Quine. The prot quarantine TSE nazvati vaiko. To dosit bsnes shte bagato funkcjonuje, the order of Zamorano vihodit on volicu a lot. Duzhe bagato people pocha actively simutis sports, play in tens, bhati, play baseball, the ghouls, the walks in the parks, yakih here duzhe bagato. Nigstrasse those scho 80% CIR people pensonal. I think TSE swit about those scho people just don’t resumit scale zagrozi. Blesst s MoH znajomych sitting here in the home, abi is not sarasati older people.

The shops now we bought everything, ocrm santizers. The people there nabagato less, although amerikantsi always zdati on global purchase 2-3 times tign, that in this plan nichogo not smyles. Here VSI zvykli persuades on mashini, the all in principle tolovana. I always may when sobi mask rukavic gumou odnoraz I antiseptic.

Us skladno maszewo medicine system I vdcol on sobi, if two teen the fact (after pozdki from Chicago) mene z avisa strong BL in the Breasts, high temperature TA head BL and takozh pocha zapalenia of nosovich sinuses. I couldn’t state s like I literally trialsa for STI, if Isla to the kitchen Chi in the toilet. Oskolki tests have vlname dostop no, I satelital on Garasu LNU, ski me decline rasv to shovel to RSNA medprint. In resultat meni said, what for, abi I otrimali “recipe” for propoganda test me to redirect to the phone lcara scho bude regulates Yak powinni Priya (100-150 dollars). Ale has operedila scho Oskolki miy mill not krytyczny (literally — pokey I has moju dihati), likar score for all meni will not give such recipe I TSE bude just markuvannya hour I pennies. Well yakscho Yogo navti meni will, I just don’t zmogu of poterpite on perevirka, Bo zaraz stink primaute lachey quiet, who kriticne mill , ” wherein Strahuvannya (mene Yogo no). Meni will delight silicates in the home that for neophot of Primate gartnerhallen zasobi.

Now I’m home, symptoms more no. Read books, simeus yoga, duzhe bagato gotou, od chogo pewno potim not VlSU in jeans. Numerous prohoditi ACS Kursi, samorazvitie, Hoca th duzhe vazhko yourself semusici. Nkoli s lad viggiano podehali swim powtran Lis from the Chi to the lake Mchigan. Spades scho us time mi zmozhemo podolati TSI zkladn chasi.

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