Llya MARCHENKO: “IN Russie je bagato of Dobrich people, ale j zlamal propaganda”

Llya Marchenko – another racket of Ukraine, the 200-th issue of the ATP rankings for the hour pause, pow Asano s pandemy coronavirus in in. Illya narodivsya in 1987 year in Cam anscome (then – Dneprodzerjinsk), Dnepropetrovska area. 18 years purehow to Donetsk, de protoview zaymatysya tensor.

The 2014-th year pid hour bow for donatski airport time iz a team of CCB zmuszeni salesite apartment in Donetsk I tudi more not powertabs.

Llya Marchenko pdnnews to the top 50 swetoha rating, and also the grave from the fourth Col Otkritogo the U.S. in 2016 year, de chotiroh sets postupitsya maibutnyogo champion Wall Waurn zi Svejcar.

For zbro Ukraine s tens debetowa from 2008 year, s quiet PR vilikesa to the national team skin rock. In total sgrav 29 podenco, 16 s yakih vigra. In ostannia protistan against zbro Taiwan Cup Devsa national command, in skladi ako grave Marchenko, unable zdobyty Peremoga, programs DV pers sustr.

Data currently La iz family u works Bratislav, ale still has a Donetsk registration I early Chi psno spouts rotate Dodoma.
– Scho unable to do such a pid hour quarantine, to chogo as did not reach the hands? I Yak at a time, the situation in Slouchin?
– Bagato hour of moju provoditi zi sway homeland. Ale to tsogo not svic Ni I, Ni stench. Onowu sviy the comp’lately, running the YouTube channel. All TSE, vse, graske, ale pobachiv scho s tsogo wide.

Postupovo truncated otkryvatsya. To dosit long tankistam allowed renovatia on Swamy powtr. In Slouchin duzhe small number of people, scho sahuaro. Quarantine nadzwyczajny mill we vzhe long.
– Roscat about programa Patrice tensest pid hour pause (DW viplati for $4,325). Chi priyshov vzhe first tranche? Yaki pros-MOSI programs include osobisto for You, and Chi otrimali granti on travel (us$4 thousands at year Eyad tranches)?
– Hi, not priyshov, ale ablaut push stroke 2 tiinv. Groshi – TSE always good, I ostand be called a few more years throbsy not duzhe bagato. On my Dumka, mi Mali Obinitsa in such Stani. I waiau scho rozpodil of pasovih in tens not duzhe the fair. Also, my Dumka, to Qiu relief Mali surati Groshi Sami grafts.

Rule grants for travel to dosit Nova. And so, in the beginning the rock I otrimuvav money.

Vistupali for zbro finansowo s point Zora Vigano

– Yak can oceniti you in Cup matches Devsa against Taiwan, if vzhe EMI subsided?
– TSE tens. Match Wishaw Neoclubber wakim. Mi ceceli legco ride, but Tits smogli us stipulate in purshia day. Kazuki honestly, I think scho all zakonchilos, sansu Peremoga vzhe lot. Ale newt tak pillows not saveauto wykonujace their robot that vdaetsya on Cort, are Robit all scho in toh forces.

Mi duzhe good pdilli to tsogo match, mayzhe the whole team hwore. The Yak mene, court CCB more zruchni for our soperniku. Meni podobala grati on Shvydko Porritt, but not against the team for this reason. In total I zadowoleni knawin a result, TSE is the most important thing. Takozh of zadowoleni Tim, Yak meni went pricesoffice the one to do those scho not unable to first day. PDR brand zerkalniy drawing Gris, ale vzhe on my’na koryst. So what I pieuse our zbroy.

– Naslite Vigano tensile drugo-tratio sotn sdite on TAC zmahannya. I have that bonuse vasatkova vimr Razi Peremogi?
– Now ITF (Miniratna Federation tensu approx.) vids Neogen Groshi zavdyaki new sponsor. We horos vancini s Federacy tense Ukraine, TA vzhe dosit Dovgy us vdaєtsya of zahoditi compras. Vistupali for zbro finansowo s point Zora Vigano. Vasuki always to talegate from posits in the ranking ATP (Association tensest-profesonals approx.) posits in our COMAND. I waiau scho prosort Seredin Nacho zbro odnu – s of our strong storm. All honestly, all I know razumot who skilki I for scho.

– Sergei Stakhovsky duzhe visoko in Your pochuttya humoru. Chi : inspiration and next zaymatysya the blogging I ski carpet de?
– If spodobavsya art, papistes on miy YouTube channel. I Yak seemed – at a time TSE graske. Podyvimos, naslite me to vistachit. I sche may decline day on into the future.

– Yak ocenite wine Sergius, Chi good mother znajomego vinorama?
– Mabuchi, I’m the last lyudin, Yak treba capitulate about alcohol. For me wine Shahovskogo naikrashe have in, that scho Yogo viable miy tovarish.

Greenhouses toil mens prison, that scho TSE business, and women hochut odnako, that scho sexism.

– Yea Cheema supereco the middle tensest z drive also Chi povinn coloca otrisovat more for Torri s p aciclovir format. Can scho skazati about TSE, Chi patriae Taku Dumka?
My thought Taka scho coloca povinn otrisovat more General. Not that scho mi cimos better, hi. TSE business. And colosi tens Sarabia more pennies. TSE fact. WTA Hoca zbrisati prison tilki on splenic mahannah. That scho on their okremih – stink not mozhut to sniti dostatno sponsors. If m pdist prison on splenic, – TSE to roblet for rakhunok quiet pennies, yaki sarabseth Coloni. The mi shte th gramo setv 5 instead of 3.

Of course, zirki inocula tens povinn zarplati nabagato more to not vdoma tensest-cholov about TSE navti mova yde. That if raspodeliti porno, the Yak mene, TSE net is the sexism. Chomu CE not working so itself, if mi are talking about parni tens? Stink mayut mens prison, that scho TSE business, and women hochut odnako, that scho sexism.

I vzagali may not nichogo against zhinok the fact scho stink mayut zarplati more, and the stench of toil. On my Dumka, nedopoluchat Yak incam, so I colocam.
Chi Boule realm chancy objroot Wawrinka at the US Open in 2016?
– Vaiko can say. Meni went yakimas rank creep 3rd set. 4-rd part pid hour SMN storn slipped Taka thought: “I pochv of bigravity satin roses. I moju Yogo detinuti”. After tsogo, I think, I don’t vigra zhodnogo game. I may not and answers on TSE zapitannya.
Chi vazhko Bulo psihologice grati on taqiy stud vpershe?
– Hi, hi SOSM. Redse Bulo prison inspiration from the fact, that I saharusa middle ELTI swetoha tense.

Now I gray first of all not for the ensign that Ukraine, and for their country, blizkih the friends.

– Turne in Russia. Grati, grati Chi is not there Ukrainian tensilon at a time?
– TSE to dosit poltica power, that percocethow want negalesite scho I am not an expert. On my Dumka, skin guilty versaute for himself. Nashi country duzhe blisk us I od tsogo not ncadi dtaa. Someone has got Rodichev, someone’s got SOSM other bacena situac. If zakrivat cordoni, then pouncey, and also ovalocyte Vino. Ale if navkolo napvi, then sabaramati athletes there vistupali I waiau poorly fitted.

I’m not prihilny vsih runat pid MRKU one. Not everything in Russie toil odnakovu Dumka. A takozh that bagato of Dobrich sirih people, that slagalica pid tisk postino of propaganda. I don’t waiau h automatic Paganini. VSI mozhut pomilyatisya I Ter. For myself, I virsu tudi not stiti, I vdtuv great discomfort. SOSM nedavno meni dovodilos Letty through Moscow, navti in transferri son not vdtuv yourself Spokane.
– VI live in Bratislav, Yak STI wyglada the situation in Ukraine? Chi smylee yakos Your swetorrents z 2014 roku?
– Perche year, if we had Pacinotti Donetsk, Bulo duzhe vazhko. Mi Mali domski mayzhe year. So, swetorrents smylee, from patriotism zalishilosya duzhe little. First of all this pospeev mainstrem have stablen to “Donetsky”. Although I myself am not narodivsya there, ale people STI for mene duzhe bagato zrobili. I stopped slakovci for situaciu, that scho TSE duzhe visnjevo that negatively debregeasia on mog results. I iz zadovolennya gray for zbro, ale zaraz I grew first of all not for the ensign that Ukraine, and for their country, blizkih the friends. For the people that meni Domagala push stroke life. The stench of the Ukraine at once for me – SOSM RZN way.

If Akis athlete Hoca bootie ldera dumok, then chomu hi.

– At a time informacini space rosrovut RSN reacts on those scho Oleksandr Usyk of snaw video, de VIN b je divan expert. Need Chi tak are Robit athletes, and Chi need boxers pragoti to dwellers of stavatti lderly dumok?
I’m not devise movie, that may not schodo Demba pillows. TSE Yogo choice, VIN is working on its audience. Man VIN, that VIN Ter Mauger pomilyatisya. My stavlennia to Demba Yak to the athlete, not smytka and Yak a human I’m not crawlys. De I and de Mustache. I’m not an expert, dwellers yomu figure out ACS parade.

Not Rozum, chomu athlete not Mauger Buti ldera dumok. If we are talking about a stereotype, scho duzhe not sportsmen rozumn, I waiau scho TSE majachnye. Mayzhe VSI sportsmen Stili on vsomu world that the country RSN drink, drink, Yak the people there live. That vzhe Tsey Dowd nabagato BlsI from in ukraïntsiv.

Also pregnene scitica and the knowledge niyak not talegate from the athlete t, Chi hi. Besides, if Akis athlete Hoca bootie ldera dumok, then chomu hi. Z nsogo side at a time tak chasi, scho VSI I about all willowroot their Dumka, navti if mayut little nformat duzhe duzhe the the toil muzike wallenda at temi. Ale TSE not stoots lachey sportsmen.

– You know, what You write is often the bookie’s do not duzhe primn the way, that EMI TSE Velika now and yaki Boule as?
– EMI RTN, in total TSE smsno. I reagoval Ter in rsname. Boule chasi, if I vdova in taqiy same manner. Akis hour I zahodiv rodicu the friends that wapreview m scrnshot fortunately, dwellers knew z Kim stench spellouts. The next Akis hour blokuva. MAV zablokowany on feisbuc more, perhaps, than friends. At once I them smusa vikoristannya dwellers komentowali moï photo.
Chi buvalo tak scho vdouble Yak supernick “Sliva” match?
– Of course, buvalo, ale TSE at a time all speaking about betting. Ale reasons chomu someone “Sliva”, Mauger Buti are many: Pagani nastri schos be ill, schworm, powerisa s dvoinoy, neprimetny Copernic, died htos s bliskich, psihologice semasa. We gramo duzhe bagato match push stroke to rock the postijno podorazhalo. TSE duzhe napojeni graft that duzhe visnaga Yak Ficino, so I psychologiczne. About TSE VSI zabuvati. Vardnili, chomu supernick sama today “Sliva” I, for example, not mozhu. On vdmo from stavochnykh experts.
In that country hotilosya b life after zakonchena car ri, Chi vdova has joy from Podoroga?
I don’t know. 100% meni not podobala godna country. So, I love podorozhali. I tsoho Zwick, TSE miy style of life. I think I will operate on snow bagatoh factors, I ale Chi TSE bude Ukraine.


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