Liverpool’s side a miracle in Istanbul: where are they now?

25 may 2005 a certain number of humans once and for all learned to watch football to the end: “Liverpool”, losing the first-half of Champions League final 0:3, managed to fight back and snatch victory from the superstar of Milan. This victory seemed a miracle, a triumph of will, about her shot entire films and books written – and the players “red” have become legends.

In the fifteen years anniversary of the Istanbul miracle, we have decided to recall how there was the fate of each of the players of “Liverpool”.

Jerzy Dudek, 47 years
In the Champions League: 10 appearances

Man, on the saves which Andriy Shevchenko recently said still can not look at them, already in the season of 05/06 lost the competition to Pepe Reina. After Liverpool Dudek might go to Betis, but rather the status of a backup for Iker Casillas at Real Madrid. Four years on the bench “Blancos” has brought one victory in the championship, Cup and super Cup – sorry, not managed to become one of the few players who have won the Champions League with two different clubs.

Curiously, the last match for the national team of Poland Jerzy played in two years after the actual end of his career. To enter the Hall of fame of Polish football, it was required to play at least 60 games and Dodeca missed a single match to get this prestigious status. In 2013, forty-year-old pole took part in the match against Liechtenstein (2:0) and finally hung up the gloves. Since then, lives in kraków, took part in the racing tournament of the Volkswagen Castrol Cup – in General, enjoying life.

Chris Kirkland, 39 years
In the Champions League: 4 games

One of the symbols of the improbability of the victory – the fact of permanent outputs in the base of the Keeper, as is Kirkland. The man who played the basis of a large part of the group stage, was a very mediocre goalie, and at times lost the competition even “Wigan”, which played six seasons. After six seasons in the championship for four different teams finished the career, now works in a private Academy.

Scott Carson, 34 years
In the Champions League: 1 match

Promising goalkeeper has played in the Champions League home match against Juventus, but failed to place at the Premier League level. In the next season, Scott played in the championship for the “Sheffield Wednesday”, during his career he flew out of the Premier League with three different clubs (Leeds United, “Charlton” and “West Bromwich Albion”), and last summer moved to Manchester city! English the limit on foreign players forcing any club a certain amount of their application, and Packed with foreigners club took the Englishman’s third goalkeeper.

Jamie Carragher,42
In the Champions League: 15 matches

737 appearances for Liverpool, legend status and the realization of “red” in one person. It, unlike Gerrard, did not call anywhere from Liverpool, which slightly reduces its cult status in the world, but he never “Enfield” and was not torn, becoming even more of an idol for ordinary Liverpool residents. For seventeen seasons in the “red” is eternal, the 23rd room has won the Champions League, the Cup and the UEFA super Cup, three League Cup, two Cup and the Supercup of England – all titles except one. At the end of his career became an expert on British TV, now regularly participates in joint broadcasts with his former rival Gary Neville.

Themselves Hyypia, 46 years
In the Champions League: 15 appearances, 1 goal

A real pillar of defense, which even surpasses Jari Litmanen in the number of awards the best Finnish player of the year. Until the last day in the game Hyypia was a symbol of reliability: even Bayer, which he joined at the age of 35, he was honored with inclusion in the symbolic team of the season. At the completion of a career coach, but never held the profession of “Bayer”, “Brighton” and “Zurich” Finn was fired for poor results.

John Arne Riise, 39 years
In the Champions League: 15 appearances, 1 goal

After the victory in the Champions League the Norwegian played three more solid seasons, the last of which was marked by an own goal in the last minute of the Champions League semi-final. Largely because of his “Liverpool” has lost the place in the Moscow final Chelsea in the summer and Riise went to Roma.

In its composition Jon played three more season, experienced a departure from Shakhtar, after which he transferred to Fulham. Even three seasons later (the finale of the LE from “truckers” was still before him) Riise took to finish: two and a half years he played for the Cypriot APOEL, Indian “Delhi Dynamos” and “Chennai Titans” and the Norwegian “Alesund” and “Rollo”. At the end of his career announced plans to become an agent for a time worked as sports Director of the Maltese “Birkirkara”.

Steve Finnan, 44 years
In the Champions League: 12 games

People, who due to injury was replaced in the first half of the Istanbul final, distanced himself from football like no other. The tenth anniversary of the Istanbul legends of Liverpool going on a symbolic night, and Steve just couldn’t find! After his retirement in 2010, twin Wright-Bey began working in real estate and feels great without football. For Liverpool he played until 2008, the year after I played for RCD Espanyol and Portsmouth, but there is no doubt that all your best matches the Irish have played in the red shirt.

Jimmy Traore, 40 years
In the Champions League: 10 appearances

In history you can enter, you can get – and the story Jimmy tells that it is possible to do both at the same time. Traore moved to Liverpool when Gerard Houllier, for the first year and a half has not played a single match in the championship, and after three and a half seasons he has had only eight games in the Premier League. However, he remained in the team under Benitez, playing the basis for most of the season, including the Champions League final.

Defender Traore was very weak, which determined his further career move. “Liverpool” in the season 05/06, “Charlton”, “Portsmouth”, “Rennes”, even Birmingham in the championship – Jimmy everywhere lost in competition. The career of Malian (by the way, in the team Traore too have never been important player) are finished in “Seattle sounders” where now is an assistant coach. To this day traoré called the random winner of the UEFA Champions League in history.

Josemi, 40 years
In the Champions League: 5 matches

A graduate of the “Malaga” was one of the first signings Rafael Benitez after his appointment in Liverpool. That is, successfully logged in: the Spaniard was unable to win the competition, in January 2006 returned to Spain but did not take place, by and large, anywhere. “Villarreal”, “Mallorca”, “Iraklis”, “Cartagena”, “Levadiakos”, “Xanthi”, “Atletico” (Calcutta) – was the Spaniard did not stay longer than two years.

With all due respect to igracki feats josemi, perhaps, the main days in his life he is experiencing now. Head of the team in Malaga every day begins team training with measuring the temperature of players, distribution of masks and gloves, monitoring each Protocol health. “The anchovies” are going through very hard times now with the players already cancelled the contracts, but the coronavirus command is not affected.

Steven Gerrard is 39 years old
In the Champions League: 10 appearances, 4 goals

Say “Liverpool”, think “Gerrard” – say “Gerrard”, I think “Liverpool”. This could not be: in the season of 04/05 one of the best Midfielders in the world seriously was thinking to go to Chelsea or real Madrid. He decided to stay – and not just the Champions Cup played a big role in this decision. Gerrard never won the Premier League but left for the red part of Liverpool, one of the main idols and guidance in life.

Oh yeah, now Gerrard coached the Rangers, which he led in 1/8 Europa League.

Luis Garcia, 41
In the Champions League: 12 games, 5 goals

And not just five goals, and the goals “Chelsea”, “Juventus” and “Bayer” (3) in the playoffs! Garcia’s contribution to the victory cannot be overstated – he gave at least another two good seasons at Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, but so useful was neither before nor after. The Anfield club he left in 2007, over the next 9 years he played for seven different teams, but to reach its full potential could not because of injuries. Now works as an Ambassador to Liverpool.

Dietmar Hamann, 46 years
In the Champions League: 8 matches, 1 goal

And he is a player whose contribution to victory is wildly underrated. Liverpool spent the first half of the finale with virtually no holding midfielder, Kaka just tore the center of the field on pure balls – output only German is allowed Finnian to temper the attacking power of Milan. A year after Istanbul, Dietmar left the team (after all, the oldest player he was back then) played in “man city” and “MK dons”, he tried himself as a coach, but after the failure settled on the German version of Sky.

Xabi Alonso, 38 years
In the Champions League: 7 matches, 1 goal

It’s weird to accept the fact that the brilliant midfielder was in Liverpool still not quite main. The home match against Juventus, Xabi sat on the bench, “Chelsea” was not included in the composition. In the Champions League final Benitez told him to beat Gerrard earned a penalty, despite the fact that for Alonso it would be the first blow with “points” in his career! Bask did not score, but hurried and finished off the bounce from the rod to the ball.

Anyway, Alonso had a career as one of the best Midfielders of a generation – probably the only player on Liverpool, for whom the victory in Istanbul was let the bright, but still the episode career. Winning the world and European Championships with the national team, in the Spanish League and the Champions League with real Madrid, in three German Championships with Bayern – Xabi won everywhere.

After a career Alonso immediately moved to the coaching path: about a year, he worked with a team of real Madrid U-14, and now trains take native real Sociedad.

Igor bišćan, 42 years
In the Champions League: 8 matches

The Croatian defender spent at Anfield for five years, but none of the season were not the main. After the victory in the Champions League, left Liverpool, spent seven years in PAO and Dinamo Zagreb, after which he became coach. Igor now heads the youth national team of Croatia.

Antonio Nunez, 41
In the Champions League: 8 matches

When Michael Owen decided to run away to real Madrid, Benitez demanded that the deal included a player real Antonio. It is better to take the money: núñez anything at Anfield is not shown and after the first season back in Spain. Characteristically, only two years later, Antonio had played in the Second division, the highest League and has not returned. “Celta”, “Murcia”, “Huesca”, “Deportivo”, “Recreativo modest way modest player who after his retirement has opened a charitable Foundation.

Harry Kewell, 41
In the Champions League: 7 matches

One of the few players crazy, “Leeds” O’leary, who managed to show up somewhere else. Harry wasn’t always a team player, but when he left, was helpful – no wonder Benitez put him in the starting lineup and on the final. Alas, injury prevented the Australian to prove himself in Istanbul, but in the rating of the main characters of the campaign for the “big-eared” he, of course, included.

After the victory of Kewell held in the red Jersey for three more seasons, then played for “Galatasaray”, “al-Garafa” and two club at Home. Immediately after the completion of a career coach, has worked with young men, “Watford”, “Crawley town” and “Notts County”. Now, however, without a job.

Milan Baros, 38 years
In the Champions League: 13 matches, 1 goal

Cech was quoted as one of the most promising players on the team – on the same level Gerardot, Alonso and another guy, referred to below. Whether a joke: the best scorer of the European championship! Let the championship is very strange, which was won by the Greeks, but nevertheless.

Judging by the Hamburg account, then hopes Baros is not justified. The performance was the same even in a wonderful season, and after it quickly became a striker not on the level of the higher League. Liverpool, Lyon, Aston Villa – nowhere, Milan was not able even once to score double-digit goals in one season, which sealed his transfer to Galatasaray is only 26 years old.

There are, however, baroš played much better than most of the stars in the first season was the best scorer of the super League, he played in Ali Sami Yen for five years and drove away from Istanbul, only when on the horizon loomed the powerful figure of Didier Drogba. Baroš plays so far: for his native Czech “Banik”.

Jibril Cisse, 38 years
In the Champions League: 13 matches, 1 goal

And here is the second person who did not meet advances – but he was, to put it mildly, a good reason. Cisse hardly the only player in history who managed to build a good career, despite the fractures of both legs. Left him broke the defender “Blackburn” in 2004, the right – defender of China in 2006.

Before that Cisse has given advances at the level of perhaps the most promising striker in the world, but after such strokes of fate went downhill. Ten years after Istanbul, he played for ten different teams: among them was “Marseille” and “Kuban” and “Liverpool” and “Saint-Peruas” (reunion). In 2015 cissé finished Karera… to two years to come back! Club Yverdon third division Switzerland received an award for the trust 24 goals (Jibril became the best scorer of the season) and Cisse went in the Italian “Vicenza” – but the club inappropriately the crisis broke out, and because of debts the Frenchman for the team and not played.

The other day Cisse again reminded of themselves. “You know that football is the love goals, love of numbers: 25, 50, 75… following Me strap 100, I had 96 goals in League 1 when I left. I’m missing four, and I’m not very good worried, it’s driving me crazy. Want to go back to League 1 to score them. If a club accepts me, I can be ready in two or three months… I’m ready to go free to play with no charge, so for the club there is a big risk.” All this love for the game, what else to say.

Rafael Benitez, 60 years

See the list of the people who became the strongest team in Europe in the season of 04/05, you could not understand that to win with them “Milan”, “Juventus” and “Chelsea” it was an outstanding coaching feat. Benitez won two League title with Valencia before Liverpool came for Albion as one of the most promising coaches in the world – and, by and large, took place as a top coach. Victory in the Champions League with “red” in LES with Chelsea for the Napoli – despite the setbacks in the “inter” and “Real life”, you can say that Benitez was successful in different teams and leagues. It is true that Istanbul remains one of the brightest moments of his career and 15 years later.

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