Liverpool – Chelsea 4:2. LIVE

The English Premier League. The 37th round.

Liverpool – Chelsea 4:2

Keith, 24, Alexander-Arnold, 38, Wijnaldum, 43, Firmino, 54 – Fat, 45+3

Liverpool: Alisson – Robertson, Van Dyck, Gomez, Alexander Arnold, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Keith Mans, Firmino, Salah.

Subs Not Used: Adrian, Lovren, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Jones, Minamino, Shaqiri, Origi.

Chelsea: Arrizabalaga – Rüdiger, Zouma, Azpilicueta – Alonso, Kovacic, Jorginho, James Mount, William – Fat.

Subs Not Used: Caballero, Christensen, Tomori, Emerson, Of Politics, Loftus-Cheek, Pedro, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi.

Referee: Andre Marriner (Birmingham, England)

Stadium: Anfield (Liverpool, England)

57 min. TIME! A mistake from Alonso delivered the ball to Salah on the right flank free-kick, but the blow did not give to happen rüdiger!

56 mins Left from the Willian shot on target during the cast from his half, but Alisson was ahead of him.

 54 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Trent from the right flank gave the flow in a wide arc to the center of the penalty area but Firmino header made it straight into the left corner!

52 min. Carried the ball for a corner rüdiger after a cross from the left flank from Robertson.

50 min. TIME! Salah was shot with a sock from the semicircle near the penalty area, but the ball just fell on his feet for a moment to strike!

48 min. With both sides inaccurate gear riding on someone else’s half started the team.




 45+3 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Chelsea was score one goal before the break with efforts of the Mount, Alonso, Willian and Fat! Mason from the left flank to the Spaniard, the icing on the Brazilian Willian struck in Alisson and rebound from the gloves of the goalkeeper was closed by a strike at the empty goal Fat!

45 min Confrontation on the football field in this time will continue for at least three minutes.

 43 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Firing a shot Wijnaldum after a rebound ball from the hands of Jorginho at the corner on the left flank from Robertson at the near corner of the goal!

42 min. to mount from the left flank again failed to file accurately into the penalty area.

40 min. TIME! James immediately struck after the transfer from the left flank in the second the pace attack! Straight into the hands of Alisson at the near post.

 38 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Keita cleared the right top corner for Trent Alexander-Arnold, who struck back and curled the free kick!

36 min. Kovacic made his – Keita was shot down during the dash to the box.


34 min. Trent was hooked up Salah to attack the long ball down the flank, but Mohammed brought forth out of the danger area housing Zoom.

32 mins Goal of the Mount was cancelled because of off-Mason at the time of casting from the center of the field.

30 min. TIME! Salah with a sock shot from a very tight angle on the right flank of the penalty area. Hit the opponent, then the ball went into the net from the outside.

28 min. could Not Firmino long pass a ball from midfield to send mana into the race on the right flank of the penalty area.

26 min. just in the hands of Alisson’s shot from the right flank, Willian.

 24 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Oh, what a lovely shot managed in the far corner with Keita left Polovinka, on the outskirts of the penalty area! Willian brought trouble on their goal by losing the ball after the timeout!


21 min. it is Not surprising that fats lost to Rüdiger in the fight corps on the left flank of defense.

19 min Jorginho from midfield picked up a ball on the left flank, but Trent made in time to intercept.

16 min. is DANGEROUS! Cut James a shot from the middle distance on the right polyflame into the near corner. Higher!

15 min. Fell the ball with the legs of Villana after the canopy Mount from the left flank in a semicircle from the box!

13 mins Drop Salah on the right flank of the penalty area in a collision with Alonso, the referee ignored.

11 min. and flew over all the players in the penalty area the ball after a canopy Mount on the left flank.


10 mins Rolls the ball on their half of the Chelsea under pressure from rivals.

8 min TIME! Mount head struck above the gate after a pass of Willian on the right flank!

6 min: Alonso from the left flank into the penalty area right at the foot of van Dyck.

4 minutes, Willian was not able with an accurate pass to the left flank to pass the ball Mount.

3 minutes, Alonso could not handle the ball after a long cross to the left flank.

1 min Zuma caught a quick delivery from the right flank from the home side after a mistake Chelsea in their own half.



Wednesday, 22 July, the match will be held the thirty-seventh round of the English Premier League, where Liverpool will play against Chelsea. The match will take place in Liverpool, at the stadium Anfield, the beginning in 22:15.

“Liverpool” for a very long time mentally finished the season. Here are the results of the team of jürgen Klopp in the last two rounds went off the rails on this background. After the defeat to Arsenal (1:2)and draws with Burnley’s (1:1), to concede on the home field London “Chelsea” will be very beneficial in moral terms for “red”. Here are just a “retired” Frank Lampard is unlikely to have a case before the formal problems of the future opponent. Chelsea’s at risk to go not just beyond the zone of contact with the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, but remain absent from if you lose at Anfield in the next match and Tottenham Mourinho will gather strength for a final spurt. will text broadcast of the match between “Liverpool” and “Chelsea”.


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