Like old times: brad pitt was spotted in the house Jennifer aniston

Over the past year in the relationship of brad pitt and Jennifer aniston was great progress — the actress has finally let go of all resentment for her ex-husband, and they both decided to be friends again. To see it with my own eyes was at the ceremony SAG Awards 2020, where the stars did not hide the joy of meeting each other.

And now the former couple closer together with a common cause. So, they both actively support the movement against racial discrimination: first $ 1 million charitable organization Color of Change has donated aniston, and then the same amount transferred and pitt. According to the insiders edition of the Mirror, after that, the actor was spotted at the house of ex-wife, where they discussed their further actions in this direction.

“He’s very involved in the charity thanks to Jennifer, so she supplemented her donation. They are very caring people and really want to help,” says the source.

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