Lian Li has updated their famous “tables-computers” DK-4 and DK-5

One of the world leaders in the production of high-end PC case the Taiwanese company Lian Li introduced an updated versions of its famous “tables-computers” DK-4 and DK-5, with an emphasis on classic design.

In DK-5 F are two systems with motherboards E-ATX, while the smaller model DK-04F accommodates only one. Both models are height adjustable from 69 to 117,5 cm and equipped with liquid cooling. They placed the graphics card from 390 to 440 mm in length and some 3.5-inch hard drives, and 140-mm fans front and back.

In his time on the CES-2019 these tables attracted the attention of 8-mm cover made of tempered glass, which can instantly switch from transparent mode to opaque with the push of a button. The secret of this technology is the use of electrochromic “smart glass”, which has the ability to become opaque when voltage is applied.

The design of the new enclosures from Lian Li is very impressive – especially the ability to retain the integrated equipment weighing 80 kg. it is True, remains a mystery price updated DK-4 and DK-5. According to the company, they will be available in the online store Newegg already from 16 April. If you focus on the prices of the previous models, wishing to purchase novelty will have to pay more than $ 1,500.

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