“Let me go, and then pay you all the money.” The TV channel “Russia 1” accused Michael Ephraim attempted bribery of an inspector after an accident

The TV channel “Russia 1” claims that after the accident, which killed one man, a Russian actor Mikhail Yefremov offered a bribe to the police inspector that he was released from the scene. Video from lapel camera inspector television published on the evening of 13 July.

On recording the voice, presumably Ephraim, “Let me go, and then pay you all the money.” The inspector on his proposal did not react.

Lawyer Ephraim Elman Pashayev in comments RBC said that “at the time of the accident, he did not realize at all”.

56-year-old Efremov provoked a traffic accident in Central Moscow on the evening of 8 June: Smolenskaya square, he was behind the wheel of a Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a van “Lada”. The driver of the van, Sergey Zakharov from his injuries later died in hospital.

Immediately after the accident in the Russian police said that, according to the examination, Efremov sat behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication. 9 June, the Russian media reportedthat the actor tests found traces of cocaine and cannabinoids. 10 June in the Moscow Prosecutor’s office confirmed that at the time of the accident Efremov was able to not only alcohol, but drugs.

On 9 June, the Tagansky district court of Moscow chose Yefremov the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest for two months. Russian media reported that during the meeting on election of a measure of restraint Efremov nodded in response to the question, whether he acknowledges guilt for an accident.

June 12, Efremov recorded a video messagein which he asked forgiveness for an accident. He, in particular, stated that he would not “COP out” from responsibility with the help of friends.

“And how can we beat the rap when everyone saw… and I saw, when I slept in and recovered from the shock. Thank God my mother did not see. It’s not a movie. Ago has nothing to rewind. The end. There is no longer any Ephraim. I betrayed everyone. Excuse me, please,” said the actor.

3 Jul lawyer Pashayev said that his client did not admit guilt in committing the accident. Pashayev says that Efremov “the crime never committed”, but from further declined to comment.

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