LEGO will not be advertising the designer with figures of police because of the protests in the United States

The company LEGO has sent its marketers a list of 30 sets of designers, the ads which you want to stop in connection with the protests in the United States. In these sets there are figures of cops, criminals, firefighters and others. A copy of a letter received publication Toy Book.

The kits, which is to suspend, there are mini-figurines police, fire, criminals, ambulances and buildings. The sets also include the city police station, LEGO fire station, police dogs, patrol car, fire aircraft, mobile command center, a police arrest on the highway and much more. Under the ban also got a set of “White house”.

The company confirmed to journalists the information about the suspension of advertising. In LEGO said that appealed to the partners to refrain from placing advertising content LEGO in social media for flash mob #BlackOutTuesday. In the framework of the flash mob social media users post on their pages the black squares in memory of deceased African-American George Floyd, because of someone’s death and the protests began.

African American George Floyd died on may 25 after a tough police detention in Minneapolis. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation. The patrol suspected Floyd that he paid with a fake $ 20 bill.

Residents of the city in protest took to the streets and began to pelt police with firecrackers and bottles.

Over time, the protests spread to almost the entire country. They are accompanied by riots and clashes with police, demonstrators torch cars, break Windows and Rob stores.

The authorities took the decision to use the national guard in several cities. By 2 June in nine U.S. States, killing 11 people, among them, both policemen and demonstrators.

3 Jun filed charges against three officers of the Minneapolis police in the case of the death of Floyd.

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