Legends of the past: the 15 most expensive transfers of the 80-ies

In the summer of 2017, when the transfer of Neymar from FC Barcelona “Paris Saint-Germain” for 222 million euros, the transfer market in football has finally passed the point of no return. After the incredible spreading of money, which gave the Qatari owners of the Paris club, all in Europe and worldwide it has become clear now the price of players will rise even faster, and the key reference point will be exactly how much was paid for Neymar. Yeah, coronavirus, suddenly struck humanity, slowed down this process, but if the infection will be able to cope, the football will probably all over again will quickly return to growth.

By the way, this is the increase in transfer prices and records of transactions were actively running in the 80-ies of the last century. Then the market changed, allowing many clubs to pay much more than was accustomed to for the previous few decades. However, now all of those transactions appear to be relatively modest, but to appreciate it, we offer you to remember or to see the 15 most expensive transfers of those times.

For convenience and standardization of the rating we will use the data portal Transfermarkt where you can gather information on the amounts of those transfers in Euro currency, which came to Europe much later, but the now firmly entered into use on the football market.

15. Walter SCHACHNER

Amount of transfer: 3.85 million euros

Transfer route: “Cesena” – “Torino”

In the summer of 1983 Torino spent a record at that time, the money to buy a striker departed from the Series And “Cesena” Walter Sahara. The Austrian was 26 years old, the Prime for a striker. In the end the Turin club Schachner spent 3 years of his 33 goals in 115 matches. Later moved to the “Avellino” and to retire back to Austria, where for a very long time he played for different teams. Football said goodbye in 41 years at Eintracht of the wells, and then moved to administrative work. The last position which was held by Schachner, is a post of the adviser of the Austrian “of Leobner” where Walter went in the summer of 2015. Now Sonero 63 years.

14. Alexander Zavarov

Amount of transfer: 4 million euros

The route of the Shuttle: Dynamo Kiev – Juventus

Vice-champion of Europe in 1988 Alexander Zavarov after the continental championship moved from Kiev “Dynamo” Turin “Juventus”. The deal happened through a rather complicated scheme for existing at the time the orders in the Soviet state. However, the Italians went on to transfer to get one of the most talented players of the time. Juventus Zavarov spent two years, becoming the owner of the Italian Cup and UEFA Cup in 1990. his playing Career was completed in France, where his last command was the humble “Saint-Dizier”. Then started to work as a coach, and since the summer of 2018 returned to “Dynamo”, which performs the function of a scout. At the end of April Zavarova turned 59 years old. It is still warmly remember at Juventus, and that’s why don’t forget to congratulate on the next birthday of the (https://sport.ua/news/485890-yuventus-pozdravil-zavarova-s-dnem-rozhdeniya).

13. Ian RUSH

Amount of transfer: 5 million euros

Transfer route: Liverpool – Juventus

One of the legendary strikers in the history of Liverpool FC Ian rush in the summer of 1987 accepted the offer of moving to Juventus. However, in the “old Signora” the Welshman has played just one season, which turned out to be extremely unsuccessful for the team. Juventus finished only sixth, scoring only 35 goals. Despite the fact that rush with 7 goals was the best goalscorer of the team, it poured a lot of criticism because of what Ian has decided to return to Liverpool. He later played eight years for the Reds, and his career ended in Australia in 2000 in the ranks of the “Sydney Olympic”. Now rush for 58 years, and in football, he last actively worked in the 2004/05 season, when the coach headed “Chester city”.

12. Rui BARROS

Amount of transfer: 5 million euros

Route transfer: Porto – Juventus

After winning with Porto UEFA super Cup and Intercontinental Cup in 1987, the attacking midfielder Rui Barros has attracted the attention of Juventus. At that time it was one of the most economically powerful players in the market of the continent, but because they can easily afford to give the deal a solid amount. In the Turin club Barros spent two years (95 matches, 19 goals, 2 assists), and then moved to Monaco, but his career ended in 2000, in the camp of “Port”. Rui is now 54 years old, and he is the head coach of duplicating structure of “dragons”.


The amount of the transfer: € 5.2 million

Transfer route: “Newcastle” – “Tottenham”

One of the most talented English players of the late 80’s and early 90-ies of the last century Paul Gascoigne in the summer of 1988 changed his native Newcastle for Tottenham. He was 21, but in the camp of “spurs” Gascoigne won only the FA Cup in 1991, and to make the best career he has seriously prevented the injury. Subsequently Gascoigne profitable to resell at Lazio, and his playing career he completed in 2004 in Bolton, when the press was already talking about his problems with alcohol. Gascoyne is now just 52 years old, although he looks, to put it mildly, much older than his years. Alcohol dependence and then leads to the fact that Paul gets into a loud scandal, which is somehow even started to get used…

10. Salvatore BAGNI

Amount of transfer: EUR 5.3 mln

Transfer route: “inter” – “Napoli”

In the summer of 1984, Napoli managed to recruit in its ranks one of the best Midfielders in Serie A that time, Salvatore Bagni, who moved from inter. In the camp of the Neapolitan midfielder spent four years, stoked in 1987, the historic first victory of a team in the Italian League. Then went to the “Avellino”, where in 1989 at the age of 32 years has finished career of the player. Now Bagni 63 years, and it is even not audible so often.

9. Chris WADDLE

The transfer amount: 5.4 million Euro

Transfer route: “Tottenham” – “Marseille”

England midfielder of the late 80’s-early 90 Chris Waddle in the summer of 1989 was replaced by Tottenham to Marseille, which is given for the player is very solid for the time of 4.5 million pounds. In the camp of the French team Chris spent three seasons, having played 137 matches (27 goals, 15 assists) during which produced three titles of champion of France, also helped the “new team” in 1991 to reach the final of the European Cup, where they very unexpectedly for many lost “Tsrvena zvezde”. Waddle subsequently returned to England, and finally with the career of the player said goodbye only in 2002 in the ranks of the humble “Worksop town”. Now Chris is 59 years old.

8. Karl-Heinz RUMMENIGGE



Amount of transfer: 5,5 million euros

Transfer route: “Bavaria” – “inter”

One of the best forwards in the history of Bayern and German football, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the summer of 1984 decided on a change of scenery, the result of which has passed in “inter”. The Milan club Rummenigge spent three years, and not being able to win anything with the “Nerazzurri”. In 1987, Karl-Heinz served in the Swiss “Servette”, where after two seasons and finished his career. Rummenigge now 64 years old, and he remained in football, taking various administrative positions. In particular, at the moment he is the Chairman of the Board of “Bavaria”.

7. Ronald KOEMAN

Amount of transfer: 5,67 mln euros

Route transfers: PSV – FC Barcelona

In 1988 Ronald Koeman in the Netherlands national team became the champion of Europe, and a year later he moved from PSV to Barcelona. In the ranks of “blaugranas” spent six highly successful seasons (252 matches, 82 goals – phenomenal figures for a defender, where Koeman had helped to ensure its ability to enforce the standards), becoming a 4-time champion of Spain and winner of the European Cup 1991/92. In 1995 he left the team, returning home in “Feyenord”, where two years later and retired. Subsequently became a coach and now in his 57 years with the national team of the Netherlands.



Amount of transfer: 6,5 million euros

Transfer route: “Stuttgart” – “inter”

In 1989, jürgen Klinsmann, has become in the 90s one of the strongest forwards in German football, moved from the “Stuttgart” in “inter” for serious money. In Milan, the club spent three seasons, and then even with a small “fat” was sold to Monaco. Subsequently played for Tottenham, Bayern and Sampdoria, and his career concluded in the U.S. “orange County blue Star.” In 2004, he began his coaching career, leading the German national team, which two years later won the “bronze” home of the world championship. The last place of work 55-year-old Klinsmann was Berlin “Hertha”, where the coach left in mid-February (https://sport.ua/news/477123-klinsman-podal-v-otstavku-s-posta-glavnogo-trenera-gerty).

5. Ruud GULLIT

Amount of transfer: 6,75 million euros

Route transfers: PSV – AC Milan

Ruud Gullit was one of the greatest attacking Midfielders of the time, and it is not surprising that in the summer of 1987, Milan went to the serious costs to get this player from PSV. In the camp of the “Rosso-Neri” Ruud played six seasons, during which he managed to become a three-time champion Italy and two-time winner of the European Champions Cup. All in all, AC Milan Gullit has won 12 trophies during this period. Later in his career moved to English Premier League, where in 1998 in Chelsea and decided to say goodbye to football when he was already 35. In the camp of “blue” and Gullit began his coaching career. Now he is 57 years old, and last job in football was the assistant coach of the national team of the Netherlands with dick Lawyer in 2017.


Amount of transfer: to 6.97 million euros

Transfer route: Barcelona – Napoli

“Golden boy” of Argentine football in the summer of 1984 he moved from Barcelona to Napoli, to forever immortalize himself in the hearts of all the Neapolitans. Seven years in the South of Italy Maradona helped Napoli to get two title, which was a first for this club and still remain the only one. Also “partenopei” with Maradona in the team had won the UEFA Cup in 1989, and the Diego in 1986, in the ranks of the national team of Argentina got the world title trophy, which is so lacking another amazing Argentinian Lionel Messi.

See also: the love Story of Napoli and Maradona that Messi will not be able to repeat in the bars (https://sport.ua/news/487683-istoriya-lyubvi-napoli-i-maradony-kotoruyu-messi-ne-smozhet-povtorit-v-barse)

3. Roberto Donadoni played

The amount of the transfer: 8 million euros

Transfer route: “Atalanta” – “Milan”

In the summer of 1986, AC Milan has signed midfielder “Atalanta” Roberto Donadoni played, which was the first deal under the new President “Rosso-Neri”, Silvio Berlusconi. This transfer has been very controversial for the Italian market, as the contacts with Milan and Donadoni played already gave the word on the transition of leadership to Juventus, but in the end, his position changed. In Milan Roberto spent ten wonderful years, during which the “Rosso-Neri” had a dominant position in the Italian League, winning 6 titles, 4 Cup and the Supercup of Italy, and on the continent for AC Milan remained two victories in the European Champions Cup and one to its successor the Champions League. The career of the player and Donadoni played has completed 36 years in the ranks of the Saudi club “al-Ittihad”. Then started to work as a coach, heading from 2006 to 2008, even the Italian national team. But in this field the 56-year-old Roberto high-profile successes achieved so far failed. He is now the Chinese super League club Shenzhen.




The amount of the transfer: 8 million euros

Route transfer: Boca juniors – Barcelona

The move to Napoli did not become the most important and expensive transfer in the career of Maradona. Such is the transition from Boca juniors to Barcelona, which happened in the summer of 1982 and renewed at the time the world transfer record held for three years Andy gray. In the camp of “blaugranas” Diego Maradona played only two seasons that were not the most successful in the history of the club. Barcelona were ranked first, fourth and then third place and the championship twice in a row was mined athletic Bilbao, for which the title in the season 1983/84 is still last to the present time. Returning directly to the person Maradona, it is worth noting that now to him 59 years. Since September of last year, he works mainly as coach of the Argentine club “Gimnasia and gimnasia y esgrima”.

1. Lajos DETARI

Amount of transfer: 8.7 million Euro

Transfer route: “Eintracht” – “Olympiakos”

A graduate of the “Honved” Lajos Detari in the early and mid-80s were seriously considered in European football, “the new Platini”. At 24, he moved to the “Eintracht” from Frankfurt, but after a season he got a lucrative offer from Olympiacos. Greek club paid the German in the summer of 1988 about 3 billion Greek drachmas, which is about 8.7 million in terms of euros. However, to achieve great success with the Greek club could not (although in two seasons, scored 37 goals in 67 games), because as soon Olympiacos began the financial problems. In the summer of 1990 Dietary for undisclosed amount transferred to Bologna, and his playing career was completed in 2000 in the Austrian club “Ostbahn XI”. Almost immediately began working as a trainer, with my current 57 years solid list of clubs in column employers. However, the latter coaching Detari had experience in “Ferencvaros”, where Lajos has gone very far already in the summer of 2012.


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