Legendary steam toaster Balmuda outside of Japan

Japanese brand Balmuda opens delivery the legendary steam toaster “The Toaster” in the United States. Price exhibited impressive $ 329 on the website of the company (and soon on Amazon and Williams Sonoma).

But there is a reason steam toaster exceeds the usual in quality and functionality. Instead of the usual heating elements, The Toaster uses the supplied steam to evenly heat the bread, and to preserve more flavor and moisture.

Device Balmuda can’t do the usual toast bread enough air, but it gives it a more refined taste and is even able to “revive” the dried pieces. The difference those who prefer to shop at the local bakery, not the supermarket.

Toaster Balmuda is also able to replace and the oven. In addition to bread, it can be used for cooking various dishes such as pizza or cookies.

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