Led mask from Lumen Couture is rapidly gaining popularity

At the dawn of the pandemic from designer Chelsea Klukas Lumen Couture was born from the idea to sew some fabric masks for a close circle of friends. However, as an experiment, she decided to add the mask manufacturability. According to Clucas to learn how to do led mask, I only needed to take a short course on YouTube. And it was a success – the product became popular.

New accessory-protection from the virus consists of a thin led matrix screen. When users are able to control the image and display drawings and printed text, even voice input through the app. Breathable fabric on the top and bottom of the screen, and the electronic components are removable, so that the mask can be washed or worn no. The battery and charging cord are included in the set.

Learn more about the app’s owner can, for example, create a message of social distancing and bring it to the screen – the type of “Depart” or “2 m (meter)” – because of a man with a closed mouth mask can be difficult to hear. The most difficult question when working on a clothing led-components – where and how to hide the battery. “There are tricks where they can be hidden – for example, a dress with a full skirt, says Lucas, but if you are dealing with something that is smooth and dense, it becomes a daunting task”.

That production didn’t look like an attempt to cash in on the pandemic, the company Lumen Couture donated the proceeds from June sales of led masks in the amount of about $ 5,000 to help Fund the who to combat COVID-19. Among the responding purchasers were many who not like the usual clientele of Clucas and they absolutely can not be called fashionistas.

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