Leaving — don’t go. 5 players who returned to football after retirement

In late June, the 36-year-old Arjen Robben, who said goodbye to professional football at the end of last season, suddenly changed his mind, agreeing a one-year contract with a native for yourself Groningen. Year of football proved to be challenging for Robben, whose physical conditions still allow you to play at a high level. Yes, it’s not about the Champions League, but to help “Groningen” in the face of the crisis – a task for Arjen, perhaps even more important from the point of view of the moral component.

However, the decision Robben is not something extraordinary for the world of football. There were frequent cases when the players who went on pension after some time changed their minds and came back. To remember all, of course, today will not, but the top five players who were the predecessors of Arjen still scroll…


One of the most famous and brilliant German forwards of the late 80-ies – 90-ies of the last century Jurgen Klinsmann said goodbye to football when he almost turned 34. In the summer of 1998 world champion-1990, European champion 1996 and ended his career in the ranks of Tottenham. Aside from the spurs in the career of Juergen were a lot of other well-known and respected clubs – Stuttgart, inter, Monaco, Bayern and Sampdoria.

After this “Golden striker”, as Klinsmann often called by the fans, went to live in the US, where five years later after a career has decided that not gave everything to football. So in the ranks of the team “orange County blue Old” suddenly appeared on many top-scorer Jay Goppingen. 39-year-old sensational debutant scored 5 goals in 8 matches, which allowed the team to get into the playoffs in their division. However, the fact is that under the name Jay Goppingen played are well known in world football, Jurgen Klinsmann, who took such a nickname in honor of the city where he was born.

After returning to a football career Klinsmann did not last long. He actually wasn’t planning another, wishing only to share my experience and football wisdom with young players. Also Jurgen was aimed to obtain the latest fun game of football, while his body was still able to withstand the rhythm and load.

In 2004, jürgen Klinsmann has embarked on a coaching path, leading the national team of Germany. He won a bronze medal at home to the Germans the world Cup in 2006, and subsequently has worked with Bayern, team USA, and “Hertha”, from left in February of this year.


Gorgeous Brazilian Rivaldo managed during his career to play for almost half a dozen different clubs, the most famous of which are “Barcelona” and “Milan”. The period of career in these two groups, which lasted from 1997 to 2003, became the “gold” for Rivaldo because he was one of the major wizards of the ball in football at the time. It is no coincidence that in 1999, the Brazilian received the prestigious award “Golden ball”, awarded to the publication France Football.

After Milan, Rivaldo’s career went downhill – he even brought in the Uzbek “Bunyodkor” and Angolan “Kabuscorp”. In March 2014, the attacking midfielder decided to finish his career. Then Rivaldo actually played for his native “Mogi Mirim” and he was 42 years old. In addition, since October 2008, the Brazilian actually performed the duties of the President “Mogi Mirin”.

After a year and half after his retirement, Rivaldo decided to return to football. He left the post of President, “Mogi Mirin”, again becoming one of the players of that team, and going on an informal adviser of the club administration. With this solution, Rivaldo was able to take part in an official match with his son, Rivellino (now this 25-year-old stands in Romania for Viitorul from Constanta). However, after a few games, the veteran still had to leave professional football, and has forever affected by chronic knee problems.


The legendary Dutch football player Johan Cruijff, who became a three-time winner of the “Golden ball” (in 1971, 1973 and 1974) for the first time about the end of his playing career, said in 1978, when he left Barcelona after 5 great years at this club. At that time Johan was only 31, and who knows if he changed his decision after a year, if not felt financial problems – investments Cruyff was unsuccessful, and some business partners turned out to be a banal fraud.

As a result, in 1979, the Cruyff accepted the offer and resumed his career in the American club “Los Angeles Aztecs”, which lasted only 7 years – from 1974 to 1981 th. But Johan had left the ranks of “Aztec” in the year before their disbandment by clicking the “Washington diplomats”, which, in turn, ceased to exist in 1980 because of financial problems. And then Cruyff returned to Europe, where he played in Spain for Levante, as well as in his native Netherlands for Ajax and “Feyenoord”. In the recent series in the summer of 1984 Johan actually the second time in his career, said goodbye to big-time football. He was then 37 years…

In 1985, Johan Cruyff began his coaching career, which also was successful and was marked by the victories against Ajax in the Cup winners ‘ Cup 1986/87 and Barcelona in European Cup 1991/92 and four draws in the Spanish League seasons 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94. In 1996 Johan Cruyff concluded his coaching career and, subsequently, a little work in administrative positions in Ajax and Mexican “Cuase”. He died on 24 March 2016 at the age of 68 years in Barcelona from lung cancer.

Juan Sebastian VERON

Argentine midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron, known as “the Witch” in European football, was remembered in speeches, especially for Parma FC and S. S. Lazio where he was magnificent. The transition in the summer of 2001 in “Manchester United” marked another Chapter in the career of Verona – the one where it is more often criticized than praised. In the camp of the “red devils” spent only two seasons, then tried to revive his career at Chelsea and inter, but without much success.

In summer 2006, verón returned to Argentina, moving to Estudiantes of La Plata, where he started to play football. Three years later this team won the Copa Libertadores – for the fourth time in history and first time since 1970. In 2012 Veron, who at the time was 37 years, decided to complete with professional football. However, a year later Juan Sebastian returned to Estudiantes, where he spent a season, then finished his career, and soon received the post of the President of the club.

However, in January 2017 Veron again announced his return to the game. This time he held the status of a player only 5 months, taking part in 5 matches of the Copa Libertadores, and then again announced his retirement. Now the Argentinian’s 45 years old, it continues to serve as President of the “Estudiantes” and probably finally calmed down and more on the field aims to…


One of the legendary students of the Academy “Manchester United”, which became known in the team in the era of Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes his entire career spent in one team. “Ginger Prince” was very important for the “red devils”, which won 10 titles of champion of England, before the summer of 2011 to announce his retirement from football. Skolu at the time that decision was 36 years old.

The 2011/12 season “Manchester United” started without Scholes, but in January, Ferguson was able to convince Paul to return, because he could still be incredibly useful. Unfortunately for fans of the red devils, but it did not help the team to defend the title of champion Manchester United lost to his countrymen from the “city” only on additional indicators (both teams from Manchester finished with 89 points at the end of 38 rounds).

But in the 2012/13 season, “Manchester United” did not already give the opponents chance of winning the Premier League with 11 points handicap finished second over the city. The League title remains the last for the “red devils” and after his conquest of the club left not only Scholes, re-decided to finish career of the football player, but sir Alex Ferguson, tired of working as a coach…


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