Kolos will play in the Europa League, Lucescu flew to Kiev Goran Popov

Your attention is a compilation of key news and materials on Sport.ua for Wednesday, 29th of July.

1. A breakout season. “Kolos” overpowered “Mariupol” and will play in the Europa League. A newcomer to the Ukrainian Premier League has qualified for evroarene.

2. Goran Popov has arrived in Kiev to talk with Lucescu. The agent can help strengthen the Kiev team.

3. Became known, where Mircea Lucescu will live in Kiev. The Romanian specialist will be placed on the club database for two weeks at least.

4. Surkis and sydorchuk Lucescu congratulated on his 75th birthday. Confirmation of the contribution of a specialist in Ukrainian football — prize showcase Shakhtar Donetsk.

5. Lunin next season will hold in the “Real world”. Ukrainian goalkeeper will mate Thibaut Courtois.

6. BIRCH — the Skripnik in the river-1: “Soon the club will make an official statement”. Apparently, the head coach of “Dawn” will run at the other team.

7. Lucescu will celebrate his birthday with the family of Surkis. Romanian coach remains in Kiev and is preparing for a meeting with the team.

8. Cirrus is now the promoter. What? Leo Kravtsiv — on the first night the promotion company Alexander and its prospects.

9. The end of the season. The 10 most skilful players. The main criterion of the rating is the number of strokes, but also about their quality we also talk…

10. OFFICIALLY. Sanjar has left the post of chief coach of “Karpaty”. The club and the coach terminated the contract by agreement of the parties.

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