Klopp asks Liverpool fans to calm down and celebrate at home

Despite the quarantine, the fans of “Liverpool” expected took to the streets to celebrate the long-awaited championship title of the team in the Premier League.

As was feared by the police, the fans staged a mass event that could worsen the situation with coronavirus. The Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp has asked fans to be quiet and yet happy at home.

“It really is “our time”, a long-awaited holiday, but you need to do everything right. Let us rejoice at home and not to organize mass meetings.”

“Celebrate, but do it cleverly, without spreading the virus. Let us respect the health workers, who are constantly under threat.”

“We still celebrate, but at the right time. Still will paint the town red, but not now,” said Klopp.

Earlier, police arrested at least 15 people who staged a meeting near the stadium.

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