Kim Kardashian is not a billionaire: Forbes magazine has made a new high statement


The differences between the editors of Forbes and the family Kardashian-Jenner continues. Previously, the magazine was stripped of the title of the youngest women, Kylie, and recently a similar situation happened with Kim.

Recently it became known that the company Coty for 200 million dollars bought a 20% stake in the brand KKW Beauty. After the transaction, Kanye has publicly congratulated his wife on Twitter. “I’m so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West has officially become a billionaire. We experienced the worst storms and now God’s light was shed on us and our family. We love you so much”.

However, according to Forbes as Kim is not up to $ 900 million.

“More realistic estimates of her personal wealth has shown that it is a little less than 900 million. And despite the headlines about Kim deal with Coty, it is not provided to the owner on his brand billionaire status,” — said representatives of the publication.

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