Khabarovsk – test of the Kremlin’s ability to steer

Khabarovsk – test of the Kremlin’s ability to steer.

The Kremlin mocks, sent to pacify the Khabarovsk Degtyarev. Although it looks like a mockery.

Khabarovsk is a systemic problem with many terms. Here are some of them. In power, no managers – politicians who are willing to lead the regions, taking into account the local interests. The system of governance eliminates the concept of “local interest” with local government.

The Kremlin is not prepared professionals who could resolve social and political conflicts. The envoy Trutnev is a match to the wick. The Kremlin has no information channel who is able to put up accurate information. The fact that the Khabarovsk administration said Saturday about 6.5 thousand protesters is an example of misinformation. Which, obviously, will be played upstairs. But if the center still receives the correct information, but his decisions exacerbate the problem – this is a worrying signal about the quality of power.

Even more disturbing, that the system has no mechanism to respond to crises. What we saw during the peak of the pandemic. The government is not prepared for the unexpected. And if it and preparing for it, by concreting output possible outbursts. You can guess what happens to the pressure under the concrete.

As a result, the control system falls into paralysis upon the occurrence of any event beyond the Kremlin’s “norm”. The government thought long and squeaks. And then does something stupid. The type of parcel to Khabarovsk Degtyareva with the stock hot. “The incident Degtyarev” important to understand the Kremlin’s logic. We see how in a moment of crisis, the system spits out destructive to herself (!) solution.

The Kremlin is prepared to familiar forms of protests – through the alternation of selective repression and bribery. So far managed to hush up, to neutralise, and mix local protests – from Chiesa to Ekaterinburg. Managed to roll up Moscow and ignore the discontent against the constitutional amendments.
However, the government does not know what to do with the spontaneous discontent of the electorate, which is its base. So, it is the Kremlin’s reaction to Khabarovsk led to the politicization there is a spontaneous and initially non-political discontent.

In Khabarovsk authorities failed test drive. Meanwhile, she faces new challenges. In particular, the September elections. The Kremlin hopes that the three-day vote will guarantee the result. But if another humiliation will cause a reaction of the downtrodden? What is the response of the authorities – paralysis, and then the tin?
How to pass through other trials pending pandemic, the economic recession? Read: MIA and Regardie spent on the purchase of non-lethal weapons to quell protests 7.3 billion RUB over five years. Will there be enough funds for the Far East?

The Kremlin has already started to prepare for stability in a situation of declining living standards and the restriction of funds for small handouts. This is for Russia a new stage of life. The people must voluntarily agree to live worse. At the same time to remain silent and to Express government approval. In short, people are waiting for national masochism! And if people don’t agree? What then? Because the system does not provide a mechanism for a peaceful response to dissatisfaction!

Khabarovsk – a warning for the government about the impending. Yet, perhaps, in the long term. At the same time this is a picture that will tell us how the Kremlin will react to the challenges that the system completely eliminates. No the settings file on the consent, discussion, representation, recognition errors. These concepts do not exist in the dictionary of the Kremlin.

Russia was trapped, which was created by the government itself. Trying to keep stability while reducing resources, the Kremlin could not tolerate even the half-open window. Not the system to depressurize. We need the opposite – to build ditches and dig. To open the window even a little bit- is a sign of weakness. There is a threat of Gorbachev syndrome, which removed the wrap and all showered.

Therefore, will press. This is the logic of this design. Who would be there inside the film. Another way is simply impossible. But the more they clog the channels, the greater the pressure in the blood vessels. And the greater the danger of explosion.

Tragedy – and ours, and the autocracy – that, judging by the current summer, the Kremlin is doing everything to ensure that this structure cannot be reformed in a peaceful way. In this structure there are even functions of concessions to the population. The far East shows us what this means.

“Roll up!” – sure Kremlin strategists. But the scars and the memory of humiliation in the society will remain. Will remain for a long time and at some point will make itself felt.

Source: Lilia Shevtsova / Facebook

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