KFC will print chicken nuggets on a 3D printer

KFC company announced that it intends to make chicken nuggets using the technology of 3D printing artificial meat.

KFS signed an agreement with the Moscow company 3D Bioprinting Solutions with the aim of creating faux chicken nuggets in the laboratory. Developing new bioprinting technology to print meat using a mixture of chicken cells and plant material.

This experiment is an attempt to create a healthier alternative meat bird, as well as part of the concept of a KFC “restaurant of the future”. As the company said, “the final product will have the taste and texture of chicken meat with minimal presence of the animal component”.

KFC quotes the results of research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, which States that the production of meat from animal cells consumes half less energy than traditional cultivation methods.

KFC is not the only restaurant chain that is considering the introduction of artificial meat in its menu. Last year Burger King began offering burgers from synthetic meat. MacDonald’s is also testing a Burger made of artificial meat “Beyond Meat” in Canada.

The main difference from the product of KFC is that it still uses animal cells, while the “meat” at Burger King and MacDonald’s made completely plant-based. Thus, the new KFC nuggets will not be interested in vegetarians, and, of course, the vegetarian market is going to avoid them.

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