KFC opened a restaurant in the popular video game Animal Crossing

Last Wednesday, June 17, KFC Philippines has opened a new restaurant – but he’s not quite the same as can be expected. Now the world famous chain has its own restaurant in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

In the “game branch” is all that can be found in the usual school KFC. Furniture in traditional red decor, posters with ready-made products – and a bucket of chicken, just a little. And, of course, everywhere portraits of Colonel Sanders! Even the Colonel himself appears in his classic white suit and hat, painted in typical Animal Crossing Chibi style with large head and small body.

Presumably, Sanders, there is not only for the mind. All of this action KFC would not have been justified if it hadn’t had the advertising hook. The essence of the attraction: if the player will visit the school in the game, on the island KFC, you will receive a promotional code for this bucket of chicken 8 pieces. Unfortunately, the offer is valid at KFC outlets in the Philippines.

KFC, however, is not the first who thought about that. Last month a Hong Kong supplier of food Yummy House is actively looking for a qualified player-programmer in Animal Crossing, to build their own branded island. Not the first time KFC and she appears in a video game: last year, the developer Psyop has created a Dating SIM called “I love you, Colonel Sanders!” It is available on Steam for free. Network fried chicken sponsored the development of other technologies, including smartphone under the brand KFC, kiosks, facial recognition for ordering and payment, as well as a box of chicken wings, which turns into a working drone with four propellers.

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