Kazakhstan was the first country in the world has returned to strict quarantine due to coronavirus

From July 5 in Kazakhstan re-imposed strict quarantine due to the growth in the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus, said the country’s Ministry of health with reference to the chief sanitary doctor Aijan Esmagambetovu.

Quarantine introduced in two weeks.

The country has banned the holding of mass events, including at home, closed shopping and entertainment centres, stores (except grocery and pharmacy), cinema, fitness centres, beauty salons, religious institutions, stopped intercity bus transportation and limited operation of urban public transport.

The inhabitants of the country were allowed to visit parks and other recreational groups up to three people.

Esmagambetova urged citizens to implement all the recommendations of the health authorities to prevent even more stringent quarantine measures that will stop all sectors of the economy.

British newspaper the Telegraph noted that Kazakhstan became the first country in the world that returned to strict quarantine.

In the beginning of last week the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev has demanded the government to take urgent measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and “to start preparing for the long pandemic”.

“Radio Azattyk” has reminded that in Kazakhstan in March – may, acted in a state of emergency, which restricted movement and banned the mass event. In the period of the emergency in the country detained people, including activists and critics of the government, they were charged for “violating the state of emergency” and “spreading false information during a state of emergency”.

Kazakhstan interdepartmental Commission on non-proliferation of the disease COVID-19 reported in the Telegram on 6 July that the country coronavirus was confirmed in 48 of 574 people, of which 15 860 recovered and 188 died.

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