Kakha KALADZE: “IN politics, unlike football, you can never go wrong”

Ex-footballer Kiev “Dynamo”, “Milan” and national team of Georgia Kakhaber Kaladze, from 2017 working on a post of the mayor of Tbilisi, told about this direction in my life.

“Yes, now I am working as a mayor of Tbilisi. My background in football helped me, especially the desire to never give up. In politics, unlike football, you can never go wrong. People love me, and I do a lot in order to make the city better. We have ambitious plans,” – said Kaladze.

A 42-year-old ex-footballer commented on the situation with coronavirus in the capital of Georgia.

“We in Georgia have started to act proactively. Before Italy began to close all. So we have the situation better than in other European countries. We have in the city about 360 infected (the population of Tbilisi is 1.08 million people approx.). I know that’s not easy to stay home, but people are very conscientiously abide by the rules,” – said Kaladze.

In addition, Kaladze explained why, initially, Dynamo left the training before the other players.

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