Kadyrov has long throat of the Moscow Cheka. May heal it specifically

“We have enough equipment, suits, masks, oxygen, medicines. We, on the contrary, can provide assistance to other regions”, – said Kadyrov and immediately flew to Moscow for treatment.

Apparently, it got so hot. I was worried for him. After all, Moscow may heal especially. Security officers in this practice since the Stalin era. And Kadyrov and Kadyrov’s of a long time in the throat – dangerous competitors in the Russian criminal market. Taken from the FSB fatty pieces and the whole area to feed.

And Putin himself, most likely, will be glad to get rid of too unpredictable and ambitious “marine”, founded his own semi-independent feudal Principality, is clearly not fit into the rigidly built vertical of power.

Kadyrov is the only head of the Federation, which Putin can’t just stroke of the pen to remove and forget about it. Can’t shoot, but can eliminate. No man, no problem…

Source: Igor Eydman / Facebook

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