Juventus – Sampdoria – 2:0. Text broadcast of the match

Italian Serie A. the 36-th round.

Juventus – Sampdoria – 2:0

Ronaldo, 45+7, Bernardeschi, 67

On the 88th minute Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty (crossbar).

Pjanic, 45, Bernardeschi, 69, Cuadrado, 80, Rubio, 85 – Thorsby, 45+2, Tonelli, 45+6, Ancho, 66, Depaoli, 87

Thorsby, 77 (second warning)

Juventus: Szczesny – Alex Sandro, de Ligt (Swearing, 78), Bonucci, Danilo (Bernardeschi, 29) – Matuidi, Pjanic (Bentancourt, 78), Rubio – Ronaldo, Dibala (Higuain, 39), Cuadrado.

Subs Not Used: Buffon, Of Pinzolo Was Demiral, Ramsey, Muratore, Olivieri, Zenmackie.

Sampdoria: Audio Of Augello Szabó (Leris, 22), Yoshida, Tonelli – Ancho (Gabbiadini, 73), Thorsby, Linetti, Depaoli – Quagliarella, Ramirez (Maroni 90+1).

Subs Not Used: Seculin, Falcone, Bonazzoli, Askildsen, La Gumina, Ferrari, Murru, Rocha, Bertolacci.

Referee: Francesco Forno (Rome, Italy)

Stadium: “Juventus Stadium” (Turin, Italy)


 90+1 min SUBSTITUTION AT SAMPDORIA. Ramirez had to be replaced by Maroni due to the onset of bleeding.

90 min. the Current time will continue for at least three minutes.

88 min RONALDO HIT the CROSSBAR with a POWERFUL SHOT FROM the PENALTY spot AT the center of the GATE!

87 minutes from the PENALTY spot. Rough sliding tackle brought down Alex Sandro on the right wing his own penalty Depaoli!

 85 min Rubio blew, knocking the ball away after a foul on Linetti. Yellow.


82 min DANGEROUS! Higuain punched in touch after the transfer of Ronaldo from the left flank to the far corner of the penalty area, but sent the ball into the advertising Board.

 80 mins Yellow got Cuadrado after his rough tackle on the left flank attacks.

 78 min: SUBSTITUTIONS AT JUVENTUS. Is de of Light came out Swearing, and Bentancourt had replaced the Stadio Olimpico.

 77 min REMOVAL! Thorsby was sent off for a second yellow that he received for a flagrant foul against the Defender near the opposition penalty area.

75 min. TIME! Just lay down in front of the gate de Ligt in the tackle, closing a Gabbiadini shot from the right corner of the goal!


 73 min SUBSTITUTION AT SAMPDORIA. Gabbiadini came off the bench Ancho.

71 min TIME! Dead ball dragged Szczesny with a header from Quagliarella when serving from the right flank!

 69 min Yellow for Bernardeschi for the rough kick of Augello on the right flank of defence of See countries.

68 min. in Vain the target provokes an arbitrator, not allowing Linetti quickly take a free-kick.

 67 mins GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDDD! Audio just in front of him was able to reflect a long shot Ronaldo. Passed over time Bernardeschi!

 66 mins Yellow for Ancho for the failure of the attacks of the rivals.

63 min. Preloaded opponents in the opponent’s half of the guests. Wrong Rubio. But with Paz Ramirez was no match Thorsby.

61 mins TIME! Had Audero raised above the head hand after Ronaldo from an acute angle on the right flank of the penalty area.

59 min. was Intercepted by the defenders of the cross from Ronaldo on the left flank.

58 min. Even in bright flight, couldn’t get the ball within the field Quagliarella horse after transfer on the right flank of the penalty area.


56 mins TIME! His head struck Ramirez after a pass Depaoli from the front on the right flank, sending the ball in the center of the gate, where he stood Szczesny!

54 min. TIME! Aside from the right post headed the ball after a header from Tonelli, who completed so the corner on the left flank!

53 mins TIME! Szczesny pulled a difficult shot to the lower left corner of the head performed by Yoshida!

51 min. TIME! Next to the left post swept the ball Depaoli in flight, feeding from the left flank!

50 min. is DANGEROUS! Higuain and Roanldo flew to the flow of Pjanic’s free-kick on the right flank, but not both failed to finish the combination.

49 mins a Foul Linetti stopped the spurt Ronaldo on the right flank.

48 minutes was Not Rubio to gain speed for the transfer of Ronaldo to the right flank of the penalty area.




45+7 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Ronaldo found the target with his unexpected transfer from a free kick at the right corner of other people’s possessions! Cristiano took a shot from the half circle directly under the right post!

 45+5 min Yellow for Tonelli, who held the hand of Rubio, who rushed to the penalty area on the right flank.

45+4 min. Bernardeschi botched free-kick, breaking with the twist came out purpose.

 45+2 mins Yellow to Torsby for a foul on Rubio, who broke through to the main entrance to the penalty area.

45 minutes the Referee allowed the teams to hold on to field at least six minutes.

 45 minutes, Pjanic knocked the jerk Ramires on the right flank rough tackle.

43 minutes TIME! After discounts from Ronaldo in a Central zone near the opposition penalty area, punched Bernardeschi under the crossbar! Dragged Audero!

 39 min SUBSTITUTION AT JUVENTUS stadium. Unexpected, but Dibala was replaced by Higuain. Pulled groin?

38 min. TIME! Failed wing defense Cuadrado, after which Ancto broke into a free zone, crossed into the penalty area, where immediately struck Quagliarella. Szczesny is in order!

37 mins a Strong cross from Cuadrado on the right flank in the address Ronaldo followed.

35 mins TIME! Tight shot into the near post from Quagliarella on the right flank! Szczesny caught tightly!

35 min. Bernardeschi strike from distance sent the ball significantly away from the right post.

33 min. rolling out the ball from the right flank Bernardeschi for Dibala and Ronaldo from the penalty area, but none of them could stop him.

32 min. on the Heavy side Juventus at the exit with your half.

 29 mins SUBSTITUTION AT JUVENTUS stadium. Danilo could not come. Bernardeschi came on as a substitute.

27 mins the Team went to drink water.

25 min Damage from Danilo can be very serious! Ramirez was headed in a cross from the left flank but hit in the head Brazilian with his header.


23 min. Ancho picked up leg breaks in the Central zone in front of the penalty Dibala.

22 mins SUBSTITUTION AT SAMPDORIA. Leris had replaced the injured Chabot.

20 min. a FOUL! On the goal line stopped a goal with goalkeeper, Audero after Ronaldo’s header from close range! The Portuguese fouled aerially against Chabot, so the episode would still inconclusive.

20 min. In small fell foul of the teams in the Central circle.

18 min. Danilo Suffered as a result of collision with Ancto.

16 min. without sanctions to Bonucci arbitrator with the foul player of Juventus in the midfield.

14 min. De Light gave a terrible back-pass to Szczesny, giving the opponents the right on the corner on the right flank.


12 min: Alex Sandro from the left flank inaccurately filed on the near corner of the goal.

10 min. Openly framed partner Rubio with their strong pass in the right flank of the penalty area for Ronaldo. Chabot was injured after trying to break through the Portuguese after an unsuccessful treatment.

9 min. the Breadth of the field trying to find in his possession the Turin club.

7 min: Ramires came on the half-way line at the feet of Matuidi.

6 min. To clear the air but as Cuadrado to a discount on Ronaldo’s head, and the Portuguese in the time of the transfer partner.

4 minutes TIME! His head struck Ramirez after Augello canopy from the left flank, but sent the ball straight into the hands of Szczesny.

3 minutes In the midfield was hit by Dibala at the exit to the counter-attack through the left flank.


2 minutes Tonelli knocked the ball from under the feet of Ronaldo on the right flank of his penalty area and after a moment got on his feet, the blow that was intended for football field.

1 minutes the Hosts took the ball for his first attack, but it ruined his long pass on the right flank the target.


On Sunday, the 26th of July, the fight will be the thirty-sixth round of Serie A, in which the Turin “Juventus” will play against Genoa “Sampdoria”. The match will take place in Turin (Italy), at the stadium “Juventus stadium”, beginning at 22:45.

Loneliness came Turin “Juventus” to possible early protection champion trophy. The team of Maurizio Sarri could remove all questions about this earlier, but in the middle of the week decided to give the “Udinese” (1:2). However, Atalanta was again lost in his match of the round, so the “zebras” you just need to beat Sampdoria, and this race will be completed. So here are just the opponents the team of Claudio Ranieri? “Blucerchiati” has just remain in Serie A next year, and climb higher in the standings can only on their own. However, the “SAMP” the most convincing statistics in recent matches among its direct competitors, so Juventus should definitely not be just.

Sport.ua will text broadcast of the match between Juventus and Sampdoria.


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