Juventus – Lazio – 2:1. Text broadcast of the match

Italian Serie A. the 34-th round.

Juventus – Lazio – 2:1

Ronaldo, 51 (foams.), 54 – Immobile, 84 (pen.)

Alex Sandro, 59, Bonucci, 82, Danilo, 88 – D. Anderson 37

Juventus: Szczesny – Alex Sandro, Bonucci, de Ligt, Cuadrado – Rubio, Bentancourt, Ramsey (Matuidi, 57) – Ronaldo, Dibala (Swearing, 89), Douglas Costa (Danilo, 57).

Subs Not Used: Buffon, Of Pinzolo Was Demiral, Wesley, Pjanic, Muratore, Higuain, Olivieri, Zenmackie.

Lazio: Strakosha – Acerbi, Luis Felipe (Falbo, 89), M Bastos — John. Anderson (On Vavro, 67), Parolo Cataldi (A. Anderson, 75), Milinkovic-Savic, Lazzari (Moreau, 89) — Immobile, Caicedo (Adekanye, 66).

Subs Not Used: Proto, Guerrieri, Lukaku, Armine.

Referee: Daniele Orsato (Montecchio Maggiore, Italy)

Stadium: “Juventus Stadium” (Turin, Italy)


90+3 mins Without much shame stalling Juventus.

90 min. the Current time will continue for at least five minutes.

90 min. TIME! Szczesny from the right nine took aim from a free-kick from Sergei!

 89 min: SUBSTITUTIONS for BOTH TEAMS. Falbo came on for Luiz Felipe, and Dibala was replaced by Swearing. Also, Moreau went on for Lazzari.

 88 min Fouled Danilo on the right flank of defense against Lazzari.

 84 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! In the lower left corner struck Immobile with a penalty, Szczesny guessed right for the tip Ronaldo, but couldn’t get!

 82 minutes from the PENALTY spot. Bonucci has lost the Immobile position in the center of the box when casting from the left flank, and then knocked the opponent!

80 min. Straight at the feet of Sergei rolled into center field Bentancourt.


77 min the TIME! Anderson immediately shot selection on the left flank of defense, Cuadrado, and then led the counterattack of his team, which finished retouched by the defender shot over the bar.

75 min REPLACEMENT AT LAZIO. Cataldi during a pause, was replaced by Andre Anderson.

73 min: once Again go to drink water.

72 mins TIME! Strakosha parried the blow with Dibala’s right wing free kick.

70 min foul Bentancourt met Serega pass from midfield into the left flank of the attack.

67 mins SUBSTITUTIONS AT LAZIO. Is Javan Anderson’s the game will conclude on vavro.

66 min: SUBSTITUTIONS AT LAZIO. Adekanye came on for Caicedo.

65 mins TIME! The CROSSBAR! Dibala filed with the left flank of the penalty area, and Ronaldo to head the ball precisely into the top woodwork!


62 mins TIME! In the hands of the Strakosha struck his head Ronaldo, completing a high jump and a cross from the left flank!

 59 min. On the left flank of defense, close to the center of the field, went to a harsh foul on Lazzari Alex Sandro.

57 min. REPLACE Juve. Danilo and Matuidi came on as a substitute Douglas Costa and Ramsey, respectively.

 54 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Wild error in midfield from Felipe turned into a counterattack, which ran Ronaldo and interesting, and then played to an empty net and shot Cristiano!

 51 min. GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Strakosha guess, but Ronaldo’s in the lower right corner was very accurate!

50 minutes from the PENALTY spot. After watching the replay, Orsato saw Bastos was in the box!

50 min. Orsato went to watch the replay!

48 min. Straight to the hand Bastos went after the ball a hearty kick Ronaldo from the middle distance!

46 min. TIME! Interesting with the battle kept the ball on the right flank of the penalty area, and then somehow shot from an acute angle, Strakosha parried. Ronaldo finished off in the fall, but Lazzari brought the ball to the goal line!




45+3 min: Rubio, first, tested the strength of the jaw, However the go-ahead on the flank, and then flew into Immobile in the center of the field. And still no yellow.

45 min. the Minimum amount of stoppage time is three minutes.

43 minutes TIME! ROD! Immobile fired from the area of the semicircle near the penalty area in the base of the left rod!

40 min. Very modestly plays Lazio in control of the ball.

 37 min. Anderson bad stopped the ball on the left flank, then immediately robbed Bentancourt. Had to foul.

36 mins TIME! Ronaldo struck his head after a corner from the left flank. Past the far post!

35 mins TIME! The strakosha had to get out from under the crossbar shot Rubio with a left flank free kick.


33 min. And whose address is in the threw the ball Bonucci in the penalty area from the centre circle?

30 min. TIME! On empty goal I wanted to give it to Cristiano from the left corner of the penalty area Ramsey, but too much picked up the ball on the turf!

28 min. Rubio walked around the back foot Lazzari in midfield.

25 minutes the Teams went to drink water.

24 min. Caicedo a go-ahead elbow straightened his face Rubio in midfield.

23 min. of Bastos again with a foul met Ronaldo on the left flank of the attack See.

22 min: Ronaldo in the air – it is beautiful and dangerous at the same time, but this time the Portuguese have not completed the submission of a free kick from the right flank with an accurate header.


21 min: Felipe framed enclosure under attack Ramsey of the Central entrance to the box.

19 min. Cataldi sent Dibalo on the lawn in the center of the field clean with his hand, the power struggle for the ball.

17 min. is DANGEROUS! Ventured to descend into the lower left corner of the goal Szczesny the ball after a long range shot Cataldi, who was accompanied by a slight deflection.

17 mins Cuadrado harshly met attempt to escape on the flank of Anderson.

16 min. From the left flank sweep Rubio. Fell at the feet of Bastura.

14 min. To the goal of Juventus is very close now. Lazio were grouped in the first third of his half, and skips beats.

12 min. TIME! ROD! A head kick from Alex Sandro from centre penalty area after a pass de Light it from the right flank hit the near post!


11 min Ronaldo received the go-ahead in the face of Bastula in midfield.

10 min Strakosha jump accompanied the flight of the ball past the right post of his net after Ronaldo’s low shot from the opposite side of the gate.

8 mins DANGEROUS! Costa was gathered from a far distance at the exact center of the gate in his style. Strakosha to cheat failed.

6 mins TIME! Caicedo shot from the left corner of the goal after a pass from the Central zone in front of the penalty area but Bonucci managed to substitute the leg!

3 min. Not in a hurry to go out with someone else half Juventus. Lazio does not resist drawing in the center of the field.

1 min access to the center of the field was intercepted by Acerbi transmission


On Monday, the 20th of July, the fight will be the thirty-fourth round of Serie A, in which the Turin Juventus will battle against the Roman “Lazio”. The match will take place in Turin (Italy), at the stadium “Juventus stadium”, beginning at 22:45.

Competitors are defending champion made a simultaneous misfire during fights weekend andnow part of this tour. Now Juventus have a real chance not only to finally reject Lazio out of the title race, but also to make following their victory, and with it the protection of a title in the four remaining until the end of the season, after the game against the eagles, the games only a matter of time. The eagles Simone Inzaghi are the last refuge of hope “Atalanta” and “Intera” but in the last four games scored only one point, scoring only two goals. Whether Lazio to get over a bad series or we will see the penultimate step Juventus on the way to another title?

Sport.ua will text broadcast of the match between Juventus and Lazio.


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