Jozsef SZABO: “IN Russia, will come to grief before retirement”

Former head coach of “Dynamo” and the Ukrainian team Jozsef Szabo commented on the scandalous information that ex-the defender of the capital club domagoj Vida, who now defends the colors of beşiktaş can go in one of the Russian clubs.

Recall, the resonance of this news in that kind of said “Glory to Ukraine!” after the victory of the Croats over the Russian team in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup.

“Remember the story. He then, it seems, was justified for this slogan. Let’s not get into politics, but it’s his choice. If he had moved to Russia from the Ukrainian club, it was possible to discuss and so…

Surprised that he no longer needed the “Besiktas”. If so, then in Russia, the Croats will come to grief before retirement, earn. Croats are like that. Looking for where deeper. Maybe he has no other suggestions, except from Russia. Where the pay, you go.

Nor do I think that the Form should return to Kiev “Dynamo”. There are young players, there are priests, Shabanov. Dynamo the rate of youth and age, the Legionnaires don’t need to. Enough already of those who sit on the bench,” said Szabo.

Note that the 31-year-old kind of defended the colors of “Dynamo” from 2013 to 2017. In the “white-blue” held the 160 matches and scored 13 goals and made 8 assists.

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