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In the documentary Take The Ball Pass The Ball, released in November 2018 and is dedicated to the success of Barcelona under the leadership of Josep Guardiola, there are some very fascinating stories that adequately reflects the philosophy of this coach.

One of them is connected with Ukrainian Dmytro Chygrynskiy, who is “blaugranas” for 25 million euros was signed by Shakhtar in the summer of 2009, but after only a season sold back to Shakhtar for 15 million already. The Ukrainian legionary has had a few matches for Barcelona, and he is justly included in the cohort main failures Guardiola for his coaching career.

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In the film about Chygrynskiy curious story of ex-striker “Barcelona” of those times Thierry Henry: “We played against CA Osasuna on the road. Pamplonica team is not very well defended the Central area of the field. Their midfielder, responsible for the position, was not on the level. That day in the starting lineup were replaced by Chygrynskiy, who had an excellent ability to give long pass on the right or left foot. We were going to play so that the Central defenders had to pass to Xavi. Whenever we attacked, Xavi was in the right area, to ensure cooperation between the defense and attack. But what was funny about that day is the fact that Chygrynskiy twice long balls found ahead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And it was dangerous, because the Swede almost found themselves one on one with the goalkeeper. But PEP was replaced Chygrynskiy because he did not respect the principles of the game. The coach had studied the opponent, and asked us to play a certain way”.

The words of Henri give an idea of how complicated it may be football at the top level, and also underline the uncompromising views of the game from Guardiola. Due to its principles of PEP created a revolution in Barcelona and later worked wonders and achieved success in the “Bavaria” and “Manchester city”.

A successful career in Guardiola’s Barcelona brings to mind another old story, widely discussed behind the scenes of football. Rumor has it that in 2008, when the Catalans were seriously looking for a new coach, end up in their list were two key candidates: Guardiola and Mourinho.

The obvious choice at the time, it seemed Jose Mourinho, who a few months before, had just terminated the employment relationship with Chelsea, where for three seasons produced two titles of the champion of the Premier League. But in the end quite unexpectedly, the choice of the bosses “blaugranas” fell on Guardiola – a coach who had no serious experience at first team level, having worked previously only with the reserve team of Barcelona.

The choice in favor of Guardiola at first glance it seemed counterintuitive. At Barca gave preference to a little-known specialist on the background information about the possible appointment of a coach, who at the time was at the height of his career and fame. The chance that Mourinho would have made Barcelona successful, of course, and not so small, but it is very unlikely that the “blaugranas” would become such a phenomenon in the world of football, which they subsequently created Guardiola.

Barcelona and Mourinho was familiar with pragmatic tactics, which gave “Special”. In the 1/8 finals of the 2004/05 UEFA Champions League the ideas of the Portuguese work, when “Chelsea” on the sum of two matches has left behind a Board of tournament of Barcelona, and later managed to reach the semi-finals.

But then, in 2008, in Barcelona decided that the team needs people able to maintain an idealistic football philosophy of the legendary Johan Cruyff. Despite the fact that part of the guide “blaugranas” advocated the appointment of Mourinho, believing that the Portuguese will be able to achieve instant results, in the end outweighed the cards in favor of Guardiola, and Barcelona continued to bet on bright, bold and dominant approach in football.

Mourinho after the collapse option with “Barca” did not remain vnaklade – he led inter with whom he won the Champions League and two titles of champion of Italy. Then “Special” has done a good job with real Madrid, and returning to Chelsea managed to win with the “blue” is another title of the champion of the Premier League…

However, in 32-m round of the championship of England-2019/20 event occurred, eloquently pointing out the differences in career trajectories of Guardiola and Mourinho. One day Manchester city, PEP produced a convincing victory over the champion of the “Liverpool” (4:0) and Tottenham Jose ignominiously lost “Sheffield United” (1:3) and almost dropped out of the race for a place in the Champions League next season.

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In recent years between the success of the teams of Guardiola and Mourinho is observed more and more sharp contrast. It’s been three years since the Portuguese last won any tournament – the Europa League with “Manchester United” – and five years since his last triumph in the Premier League… For the top coach of the present is extremely small, and there is a strong feeling that “Special” already is banal does not pull on the status of favor is now quite different specialists and if Guardiola remains at the top, and with it at the Zenith of fame now, is literally blooming career of jürgen Klopp here about Mourinho like that is not to say. His style and trend work increasingly experts seem to be frankly outdated and ineffective…

If at the beginning of his career, Mourinho, like mushrooms after the rain, and collected numerous trophies in all his clubs, including a regular “bridging rustle” in the Champions League, now the top trophy of the continent, it seems more and more distant from the Portuguese.

At the time, “Special” has made a name for himself in football from the side of the underdog. After his “Porto” beat “Manchester United” with the score 2:1 in 2004 in the Champions League, an angry coach “red devils” Alex Ferguson complained about the unfair, in his opinion, the removal of Roy Keane, which the Irishman could play in the second leg, but United have knocked out of the tournament.

“I understand why he was so emotional,” commented the then the behavior of the Ferguson Mourinho. “You, too, would be uncomfortable if in the match your team dominated the opponent, whose total transfer value not exceeding 10% of the budget of your club”.

16 years later all has changed dramatically: in place of the then Jose Mourinho was coach “Sheffield United” Chris Wilder, but a role Ferguson after the defeat “Tottenham” from the “blades” of the examples himself “Special”, and spoke about injustice, including through the solution VAR (“We can’t die psychologically because of the decisions of Michael Oliver, who was responsible for VAR. We had the ball in the second half, but we didn’t have the chance to change the course of the meeting,” – said after the defeat against “Sheffield United” Mourinho).



The Union of the spurs and Mourinho initially looked curious. Although Tottenham were obviously not as successful as Barcelona, but this team also played bright attacking football. Some former coaches who tried to instill “spurs” defensive style of play, usually do not succeed. For example, in 2004 Jacques Santini at Tottenham began to bet that later in the press called “boring football”. The Frenchman stayed on his job just 13 matches…

That is why replacing Santini Dutchman Martin Jol talked a lot about the importance of playing “nice, attacking football”. Almost all of the following mentors “spurs” had shared that belief, until last season, when the team Mauricio Pochettino was involved in arguably the two most exciting match of League of Champions against “Manchester city” (3:4) and “Ajax” (3:2).

However, after a dismal start of the campaign-2019/20 the head of Tottenham’s Daniel levy decided that the club not continue on the way to Pochettino. The Argentine was dismissed, and soon came Jose Mourinho. However, 13 months later after playing spurs in the Champions League final against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur now seems only a pale shadow of himself last year. In addition, one should not exclude that by the end of this season, the Londoners at all for the first time in more than a decade will be left without tickets to the European cups…

Of course, it is not necessary to dump the blame for the results with such players as Case of alli, or Tangi Ntombela that last summer was a record purchase in the club’s history, however, and the role of Mourinho in this story is seen not in the best terms. The “Special” in recent years seem to have developed the habit of getting low returns from players who are capable of much more. It can be clearly seen even before the “Tottenham” – “Chelsea” and “Manchester United”…

And if the Portuguese had found excuses in the absence of key players such as Harry Kane or son Heung-Min, the last Thursday on “Bramall lane” Chelsea was unimpressive even with the leaders in the squad… Tottenham Jose Mourinho is now much more similar to the sufferer, unduly dependent on the quality of the game Harry Kane and the long balls at him. And it is precisely the style of football that Guardiola for more than a decade ago, burned with a hot iron from the game of “Barcelona”. But for 57-year-old Mourinho, it seems, it’s too late to change. He managed to bronze in history and maybe this for him is enough. In the end, who said that Mourinho had set an objective to become the best coach of all time?..


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