It’s not too late to fall in love with Atalanta is the best team of Europe right now

Italian Bergamo has long featured in the world roundup in the aspect of the horrors brought to this country coronavirus infection. In Ukraine also, perhaps, almost can not find people who are interested in news and not see apocalyptic scenes of a deserted city, or army truck convoy carrying coffins of the dead from Covid-19 from Bergamo to neighboring towns.

All this has led to the suspension of the season, not only in Serie A but in Champions League tournaments, where well was shown Atalanta. Given the long pause and the complexity of the situation in Bergamo, in March, few could predict how the rest of the end of the season for the “Goddess”…

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Fortunately, football still came back. While only in the national League, but in the beginning of August comes the resumption of games in the Champions League. And, as the recent results, fans of “Atalanta” I was worried for nothing – their Pets are still in amazing shape – the recent draw with Juventus (2:2), which Juventus was saved only by two precision shots by Ronaldo from the penalty spot, and yesterday’s magical home victory over Brescia (6:2) has allowed the “Goddess” out on second place in the standings of Serie A, and with optimism to look ahead.

What makes the “Atalanta” so bright, powerful and incredibly attractive to the neutral fan? And why, exactly, still remains a lot of these most neutral fans when it comes to the team from Bergamo – don’t these guys done enough, winning the records of performanceto become everyone’s favorite at least this season?

Football President

Many call the father of the success of this “Atalanta” their head coach Gian Piero Gasperini. With this stupid argument, but it is equally wrong to forget about one Creator of the modern “Goddess” – its President Antonio Percassi.

This 67-year-old businessman, is the founder of the holding company Odissea Srl and collaborating with many important brands from the world of fashion, cosmetics and perfumes (KIKO Milano, Madina, Zara, Bullfrog, Womo) as well as other world-known companies (LEGO, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Gucci), is a real football man. At 17 he made his debut for the first team of “Atalanta”, after professional football for 6 seasons and playing as a Central defender. For the “Goddess” Percassi conducted 131 fight, most of which came in games in the Serie B. in the Summer of 1977 Antonio moved to the “Cesena”, but soon decided to say goodbye to football, and at age 23 began to realize his other dream – to become a successful businessman.

Currently Percassi is one of the richest men of Italy. His fortune, according to Forbes, equal to 1,1 billion Euro, however, Antonio is not a man, thoughtlessly littering money. Initially, the President’s beloved “Atalanta” Percassi began in 1990 but 4 years later left the position to return in 2010, and since then he lead the “Goddess”.

That’s when Percassi Atalanta first got to Serie a, and then thanks to the competent rate to the balance between the sporting result and the finances gradually turned into one of those teams who actively compete for a place in European competition. In fact, this coincided (of course, it’s not just coincidence) with the arrival on the coaching bridge team Gian Piero Gasperini…

Coach hand

Rumor has it that one day Gian Piero Gasperini went to the locker room to the “Atalanta” with a box of drawing pins. With them he fixed on the Board the picture, which depicted wolves: one was located in front, others in the middle, and one at the rear. Their unusual actions Gasperini provided comment to the players: “On this pictures you see of wolves and their unusual location. Those who are in front, dictate the pace. This is the strongest – they have to protect the flock when it is attacked. Behind them you can see five wolves, whose role is also to help repel attacks. Finally, the last wolf – leader, who ensures that no one is left behind. He brings together a pack that is ready to run forward at any time to protect themselves. The essence of this is as follows: the leader should not just like to go ahead and play there. He needs to take care of the whole team, and that’s exactly what I expect of you.”

Twitter Atalanta

This story is just one of the particular cases of conduct Gasperini. For it is not unusual for something like this, and therefore experienced “Atalanta” already accustomed to the fact that the coach brings into their lives not only for purely sporting intentions, but it is wisdom that will be useful both on the field and beyond.

In addition, Gasperini is a very demanding coach. No wonder one of the leaders of the “Atalanta” Alejandro Gomez once said, “during the week is very hard to train. Fortunately, on the weekends there is a match.” The words are so comprehensive and colorful in describing situations that do not require additional comments.

Although, of course, it is not only in “physics”. For example, a 35-year-old Portuguese coach Fabiano flora, who had worked earlier in Italy with the youth teams of Lazio and Juventus, spoke about the principles on which rests the success of Gasperini as follows: “He has done extraordinary work in the “Atalanta”. What is his magic formula? The major and priority component is the mental aspect. Only after that key ingredient we can mention the physical and technical-tactical aspects. It is absolutely impossible to attain a high level of individual and collective work without the awareness of their own responsibility. Atalanta demonstrates this desire to get beyond what she has already achieved in the past.”

For four years, Gasperini has managed to collect in the “Atalanta” fit his vision of football players and convince them that teamwork allows them to Shine both individually and collectively. Today Atalanta, which over the past four seasons rewrote the top of its football history, although never get hold of trophies, is probably the most tactically sophisticated team in Italian football. The basic arrangement of 3-4-3 is only the contours of the design, which in a moment turns out to be incredibly flexible, changing and constantly surprising even the experts who have spent many hours learning the play style and architecture of the actions of the BERGAMASCHI.

Start attacking

The current “Atalanta” is, above all, incredibly bright attacking team. Principles Gasperini, who assured his players that “victory is impossible without a good game”, working in the best way that allows you to “Goddess” to be the most effective team of the season in Serie A, and in the top 5 European Championships, second only to Bayern (the Bayern the championship in Germany – 100 goals in 34 matches, Atalanta – while 93 33).

It is not surprising that statistically it is the “Atalanta” is the current leader of the championship of Italy on the amount of damage to team goals – 593 (closest rivals Napoli and Juventus with 557 and 542 strokes, respectively), as well as the number of touches in the penalty opponent – 889 (from “inter” and “Napoli”, coming in 2nd and 3rd places, 758 and 739 touches, respectively).

But more important than even this, and the fact that Gasperini managed to make the team is incredibly variable in the final phases of the attack. Due to this, Atalanta is in a leading position in the Series And the origin of goals.



2nd in the League

The right leg


2nd in the League

Left foot


1st in the League

From the corner


1st in the League

With penalties


1st in the League

From outside the box


1st in the League

These figures are truly impressive, because like in season 2019/20 cannot boast of any team in Italy and in the top 5 leagues of Europe. And this despite the fact that in the “Atalanta” no bright stars, what also should not be forgotten in any case.

The Ukrainian trace

Doubly pleased that the success of “Atalanta” is relevant and representative of the national team of Ukraine midfielder Ruslan Malinowski. In Bergamo, he moved last summer from Genk for 13.6 million euros, but the move to become a “Goddess” as a key performer as he was in Belgium, the Ukrainians failed. However, this is understandable – the principles of the game Gasperini stranger is not so simple, but because the coach does everything correctly, allowing Malinowski to learn all the subtleties of tactics and other aspects of the game the team gradually.

Twitter Atalanta

But even given the fact that while Malinowski more often comes on as a sub than in the starting lineup (19 appearances versus 10, respectively), he manages to be the sixth in the list of scorers Atalanta. Now on account of Ruslan already 7 goals, and 3 of them was ever conducted after the restart of the season (stunning goals in the gate “Juventus” and “Brescia” probably still alive in the memory of fans), proving the high professionalism and willingness to follow the ideas of the coaching staff.

Who is better?

Results (Atalanta now has a 13-game unbeaten run in the Italian League) and the quality of the game Gasperini is now saying that she is if not best, then at least one of the best in Europe. No wonder “Paris St Germain” is seriously concerned about the prospects of meeting with the “Goddess” in the 1/4 finals of the Champions League, because while Parisians passively triumphal in the championship, refused to finish the season because of the pandemic coronavirus, Atalanta not only came out of quarantine, but also proved that not a bit lost during this period.

It is also important that teams like Atalanta will always be at least situational to have a lot of sympathizers among fans is “the Goddess” is not a Grand, but because there is so much Haight as, say, Juventus, whose victories in Italy are tired of everything, and maybe even fans of the “old lady”…

And in the end the current season of “Atalanta” crazy like a fairy tale, e.g. Cinderella. And this is very important in such a difficult period, when the negative news in the world much more than something good and bright. That is why I want (going back to the Parallels with Cinderella) to the symbolic midnight for “Atalanta” does not occur for as long as possible – it may be that this tale is destined to become even louder and historical, rather than legendary feat “Lester” in 2015/16…


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