It would look like a football team, if it was supported by athletes

Blogger Dmitry Kotkov has prepared an unusual, somewhat surreal picture! What if we had a women’s team of Ukraine on football, composed of the brightest athletes that represent the different types.

Your attention eleven Ukrainian athletes to blend in with the fantastic national team of Ukraine on football:

Goalkeeper: high jumper Yaroslav Maguchy

Yaroslav Maguchy is one of our main hopes in athletics. The jump from Yaroslava forced the world community to exclaim in surprise! Maguchy is one of the most promising athletes in the world, and after winning medals at prestigious competitions now her task is a medal at the Olympic Games. Yaroslav put in a gate, because in her jumping almost has no equal! And while our girls will attack Maguchy time to shoot some videos for Tictoc!

Central defender: judoka Daria Bilodid

Of course, Dasha Bilodid put in the centre of defence. Suddenly, our beauty, and the champion will turn, she’ll probably have time to react and his crown trick in flocks on the lawn of the competitor. Record Bilodid will be responsible for protection.

The look fragile, but actually very strong Dasha will not allow anyone to score in our goal!

Central defender: fencer Olga Harlan

Suddenly Dasha Bilodid distracted, it will insure another champion, namely fencer Olga Harlan. Probably, our multiple champion should go out on the field with the sword, only to have her somewhere to hide and, if necessary, to get it. Well, what! Luis Suarez is sometimes allows himself to bite opponents. So what if Harlan used his gimmick of fencing, many will understand it.

Right-back: the jumper in height Yulia Levchenko

Yulia Levchenko put on the right flank. Fast, flexible and very active also she will surf Creek and Oleg Luzhny better times will try to supply our attack effective transitions and canopies. There shouldn’t be problems in terms of communication with goalkeeper Yaroslava Maguchy, which is the counterpart of Julia’s jumps.

Especially on the corner the girls will obviously find common language and will not allow you to score an own goal.

Left-back: biathlete Yulia Jim

The ability to run fast and shoot well – that will come in handy for a flank defender. Plus Julia maybe somewhere near the edge to keep the skis and the points of attacks to wear them to get closer to the opponent’s goal. If we are hard to attack, there is a rifle. A couple of harmless shots on the ball, and here’s the whistle! You need to make a new area on the field, but the gate saved!

Defensive midfielder: player Anna Muzychuk

Smart, knows a lot of tactics and the right decisions player Anna Muzychuk will certainly tell the girls what debut will be the correct and winning. The Sicilian defense or the king’s gambit, London system or the Catalan opening? Probably, Anne will be home-made to a rival, and she will choose the right tactics for his team.

Right midfielder: athlete Olga Saladuha (captain)

The most experienced in the team, Olha saladukha, specializing in the triple jump, will assume the role of David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. Rights captain Saladuha will start the girls on a good game! And what’s interesting is that Saladuha with Ronaldo have something in common. For example, before the main action of the Ola need to do three broad jumps. Cristiano, when breaks the box also makes several broad steps.

Left midfielder: athlete Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk

Another Ukrainian, who specializiruetsya in the long jump. The Marina with its physical form will be very useful to flank the player. It raids probably make the opponent sweat. And as well as posts pics on instagram, beautiful passes on companions will make audience to admire the actions of the girl on the field!

Attacking midfielder: the player Mariya Muzychuk

Mariya Muzychuk will also take place in the midfield. As her older sister Anna, Maria will be responsible for the tactics and the place of the playmaker on the right will get her. Who else better to handle the ball and will give a combination that will end for opponents of the Shah, and surrender. Yes, Lviv school of chess, as the Lviv school of football is bright attack and constant pressure. This is what you want Ukrainian fans!

Striker: Elina Svitolina

In attack it is necessary to put those who will understand each other like Serhiy Rebrov and Andriy Shevchenko in the best of times.

Probably tandem Svitolina and Yastremsky begs due to the fact that this is the best Ukrainian player at the moment and taking into account the fact that the girls have already started to play in a couple tournaments. Even that Svitolina in their games always makes the outputs to the grid already gives it the right and the football team to take the place of the striker, who also runs to the net just a little bit different – the goal. In this case Svitolina in contrast to tennis have to get the ball into the net and please the audience goals!

Striker: Diane Yastremsky

Gambling instituted in attack Yastremsky proves that she likes to sit in defense in the courts. Because the place in attack against Svitolina is its position! Beautiful smash shots, as well as farhandi and bachardy only soccer balls will be a weapon against Ukraine. And ACE free-kick in a skit and it will be a bonus. And Dianne can do it! Her strong shot was forced to talk about themselves tennis community. Well! Grab a couple of forwards Svitolina-Yastremsky!

Head coach: biathlete Olena Pidhrushna

The coaching staff can be entrusted to lead the experienced Elena Pidhrushna who knows how to strike gold in the relay and not only.

Assistants head coach: biathlete Vita Semerenko, Valia Semerenko, Elena Zubrilov

Other team fighters sisters Semerenko and Olena Zubrilov, glorify Ukraine in biathlon, will be a worthy assistants to Pidhrushna.

Well! Create a national team of Ukraine and go win!

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