It will be a big name. Tyson hinted at their future opponents

The former absolute world champion in the heavyweight Mike Tyson announced that his opponent will be a boxer with a great name. American recently announced a possible return to the ring.

53-year-old Tyson was out of business since 2005, when he was defeated by knockout of Kevin McBride. In recent weeks, Tyson has published instructional videos and expressed their desire to return to the ring to spend a few exhibition fights to raise money for charity:

“I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. God is good to me. I can handle it, I look good. I’m just getting ready. You know, I’m just going to help some people who are less fortunate than I am. I’m going to have a fundraiser. Going to raise money to help these homeless, to help fellow addicts. Because I was homeless, had an addiction, so I know the struggle. Not many survived like me.

Holyfield? No, there are a lot of fighters. Look, we have a lot of guys who want to do battle. We call and are in talks right now. You won’t believe the names when they report. Next week we will sign the contract. Whatever money we’ve got, they will go to other people. I’m not going to make money. The money will go to charity.”

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