“It was not the first time he spent time in her house”: brad pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally made peace

Last week in the Western press reported that brad pitt was spotted near the home of his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. The actor spent several hours there and then drove away on his motorcycle. Then it was assumed that the stars had met to discuss the upcoming birthday of their twins Vivienne and Knox.

However, according to the insider edition Entertainment Weekly, this visit was not a one-time event, done only when necessary. According to them, the couple finally decided to end the feud for the sake of their children.

“They live very close to each other, so that children can easily travel back and forth to spend time with mom and dad. This week brad is not the first time he spent time in the house Angie. Now they have friendly relations,” they say.

However, anonymous sources report that the reunion of the stars not talking. The former couple reconciled solely for the sake of their six children:

“They have come a long way and now came to the conclusion that they should work together in the upbringing of children. They do not plan to return to each other all their communication needs for their children and their future.”

Wise decision!

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