“It was not for self-promotion”: the coach odelle told how the singer has lost 45 pounds


Recently about Adele write all the world’s media, because the singer after months of silence the singer returned to public life is completely different. For the year, Adele has lost 45 pounds and, of course, changes have been tough on her. About how the singer lost weight, the journalists of the Daily Mail said her former personal trainer Pete Gerasimo.

“When Adele started the fight with kilograms, our goal was not to make it superstrong. We are engaged in its health. This was especially important after pregnancy and surgery. Before the tour in support of album “25” we had to be prepared to live in a wearisome graph 13 months. Then she began to train and correct food”.

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Also Gerasimo told how Adele was influenced by changes in personal life: the divorce from her husband and the birth of a child:

“After moving to Los Angeles in her life occurred a serious personal change. It is natural that with change comes a new perspective on myself and the desire to get better. It has improved their own eating habits and did physical form. I am incredibly happy and proud of her! These changes happened not in order to increase album sales, not for self-promotion or desire to become a role model. She did it for herself and her son Angelo.”

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