“It never happened”. Biden for the first time publicly commented on the allegations of sexual abuse

Former Vice-President of the United States, the presidential candidate Joe Biden on may 1, the TV channel MSNBC denied the allegations of sexual abuse brought against him a former employee of the Senate Tara Reid.

“No, that’s not true. I definitely say that this never, never,” said Biden.

This is the first policy statement on this issue.

He later published Medium to advanced review. In it, Biden urged the national archives to publish complaint, which, according to Reid, she served on the policy in 1993.

Biden said the documents related to his years in the Senate, were transferred to the University of Delaware, but they contain only a record of public activity. The national archives is the only place where such a complaint.

Reid, who in the early 90-ies worked as an aide to a Senator from Delaware Biden, in April, accused his former boss of sexual harassment. April 9, a woman filed a complaint with the police.

In an interview with Associated Press she said that in the spring of 1993, Biden pinned her to the wall in the basement of an office building in Washington and began feeling fingers, and then tried to kiss me. When reed pulled back, the politician, according to her, expressed surprise and said that she likes him. She claims she told about the incident three members of staff of Biden, two friends, brother and mother (now deceased).

The Associated Press interviewed people who worked with Biden 27 years ago, but none of them remembered the complaints Reid. April 27 edition of Business Insider published a review of her roommate. She said that in 1995 or 1996, a former employee of the Biden detail told her about the alleged assault.

In March 2019, a former member of the Assembly of Nevada, Lucy Flores reported that Biden in 2014 at the event the Democratic party kissed her against her will. Eight women (one of whom was reed) remembered that the politician made them feel uncomfortable with inappropriate physical affection. However, no one talked about attempts of harassment or sexual violence. Biden claimed that nothing improper in his actions was not.

The United States presidential election will be held in November 2020. Main rivals will be the Biden of the Democrats and current head of state Donald trump, representing the Republican party.

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