“It is not necessary to the Russians to kneel”. Lukashenko on Russia’s refusal to provide a testing ground for the Belarusian missiles

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during familiarization with the military developments in machulishchy said that Minsk is not going to persuade Moscow to provide a testing ground for the Belarusian missiles. About it on may 22, reported the press service of the President of Belarus.

“Our strategic goal in the sphere of defense, if “suddenly” – to inflict unacceptable damage to the enemy. And we must demonstrate now, to those who, God forbid, you dare to fight with us, understand that we are unable to respond adequately. The best answer from the point of view of armaments today is missiles, precision weapons… of Course, we are not going to deal with globalization, to seize foreign state. We are a peace-loving country. To us there is no such “interest” on the part of other States. So Intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons we do not need to develop. We can’t do that”, – Lukashenka emphasized.

During the meeting the Belarusian military reported to the President on developing their own weapons, capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 300 km. the First prototype should appear in September this year.

“We need our own missile. We can’t create a weapon for which we depend on other countries. No we these weapons do not just give. We’re lucky to get to negotiate with the Chinese, they need worship for that. But then according to this should not be”, – said the President.

It is noted that for tests of this missile covers the ground in China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Saudi Arabia. The Russian test sites for the Belarusian missiles to provide not want.

“It is not necessary to the Russians to kneel. This signal, if our closest ally is not enough that disagreed with us, make a rocket, and the polygon does not provide the… Look, this is the issue,” – said Lukashenko.

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