It is easy to sympathize with the great, talented, righteous. Now the world has stirred up a murder of an unknown black – an unprecedented event

The death of Floyd, new humanism and Russian classics.

The violent death of George Floyd made millions of people around the world to go on a peaceful demonstration (the vast majority of protesters in the riots is not involved). Post-Soviet savages are outraged, because he was kind of marginalized, repeatedly convicted drug addict. However, this is the greatness of the protests. The murder of Martin Luther king or John Kennedy is also excited people all over the world. Violence against celebrities or saints have always found a massive response. Now, however, there was an unprecedented event. The world rocked the murder of an unknown black.

“The deceased was not a moral man”. Of course, but he was a man. A “man – it sounds proudly…! We must respect the man.” His life is Holy.

No one, including the authorities, has no right to outrage and violence against anyone, even the last man on earth. No one, including the government, has no right to take even a washed-up drug addict and a criminal life (if it does not directly endanger the lives of others). To guarantee for this is the aim of the current protests. The people who took to the peaceful rally in us and European cities, driven not just hatred of racism, but, above all, humanism. Apparently, the life of every single: black, white, gray-brown-crimson man became for them the highest value they are willing to protect, including “rotten prison of the state.”

The reaction of the democratic part of Western society to the murder of Floyd – is deeply humanistic. Remember the tragedy of a little man in Russian literature? It is easy to sympathize with the great, talented, righteous. Harder to learn to empathize with the tragedy of small, besides not-very-nice person. Humanism came out of the sweat-drenched 50-cent shirts Floyd as a great humanistic Russian literature from Gogol “Overcoats”.

“We love a little black and white we just love” – this phrase from the same Russian classics perfectly suited to the situation with Floyd. A lot of people around the world have sympathy for the tragedy of man “little black” in the literal and figurative sense of the word. For me it was a symbol of hope that someday the world will come “era of mercy”.

PS. Russian-speaking network are racists, apparently the classics have not read or do not understand anything. They do not know compassion, only anger and hatred. Sometimes they are just ridiculous: continue puffing with indignation, to post a photo of a gilded coffin Floyd. Jealous of what?

Source: Igor Eydman / Facebook

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