Issued 109 years ago, the motorcycle Pierce Arrow sold for a record $225 000

July 12, 2020 in the history of the Mecum auction (USA) – the global leader in selling collectible antique cars and motorcycles, there was another significant event. On this day, in record 225 000 dollars was sold released 109 years ago, the motorcycle Pierce Arrow.

So the high price is explained very simply – the bike is perfectly preserved virtually intact, and to him for all this time did not touch the hand of the restorer.

Pierce Arrow – the first U.S. four-cylinder motorcycle created in accordance with unusually high standards, which ultimately played a trick on him: because of too high prices, there was no mass demand, and the bike was taken out of production. During the period from 1909 to 1914 was released on at least 500 motorcycles.

The auction with the participation of Pierce Arrow showed extremely high interest in this authentic and original exhibit, which inflicted more than 100 years ago factory paint has not lost its original splendour, which once again demonstrates the high quality of the brand Pierce.

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