Interview Batsman with Belkovsky. Where and when to watch

Tonight on the YouTube channel editor-in-chief of the Internet edition “GORDON” Alesya Batman released interview with Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky. About this “GORDON” said the journalist.

Interview recorded may 4 Skype.

During the interview, Belkovsky said about the coronavirus, the future of Russia, about why Russian President Vladimir Putin closed in the bunker, the fall in oil prices, the anti-Russian sanctions and the situation in Ukraine.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is obsessed with issues of personal physical security, that is why he has such an inhuman amount of protection. At all events with his participation people are not allowed, regardless of when he appears. That is to go to the toilet to wash his hands, you have to go in advance and sit to the very end… As you know, Putin of Russia are identical (if, God forbid, something happens, and Russia will not from the point of view of the official doctrine), and how not to sit in the bunker? It is necessary to blow dust from the great leader and teacher,” said Belkovsky.

Stream will start at 18.00.

Belkovsky was born in 1971 in Moscow. He graduated from the economic Cybernetics faculty of the Moscow Institute of management. Some time worked as a computer programmer, then started a political consulting. In the years collaborated with such politicians as Boris Berezovsky, Irina Hakamada, Konstantin Borovoy.

In 2002, established the organization “the Council for national strategy”, which brought together a group of 23 Russian experts, and for several years was its leader. In April 2004, he established and headed the organization of “the national strategy Institute,” but five years later, declared its withdrawal from its structure. In 2003 prepared a few high-profile reports, including “Putin’s Loneliness” and “State and oligarchy”.

The analyst often comments on what is happening in Ukraine and Russia, etiquet policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2017, in an interview Dmitry Gordon said: “In the interests of Russia, to the next President after Putin was me. I would correct”.

Now leads the author’s program on radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

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