Inquisitive youtuber found a way to record video on an old cassette

Utuber Chris Slika interested released back in 80-ies of the DIY kits from toy manufacturer Fisher-Price. He was allowed to record video on a conventional cassette tape recorders. This method is not quite practical, but not trivial.

The Fisher-Price PXL-2000 was a black-and-white video camera to which the medium is attached to a standard audio cassette. Video was recorded on the left audio channel, audio on the right. To overcome the throughput limit of the carrier, the apparatus for accelerated scrolling of the film is almost 9 times compared to standard audio playback (the higher the belt speed, the more data can be recorded/reproduced per second). However, it took much more.

Fisher-Price PXL-2000

Of course, the video quality left much to be desired. Fisher-Price produced my camera for about a year, but in the end of production it had to be removed. However, the fact that this method of shooting has been preserved in history – and, as you know, dead ideas don’t happen. Chris’s method and proof.

Using programming languages Python and Java and recorder Sony Chris slika engaged in the transformation of video signal into a signal supported by the cassette. Of course, such content is not intended as a shot even on a smartphone. The resolution decreased to 100×75, with a speed of up to five frames per second, audio in record absolutely no. But the mere technical curiosity – there.

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