Initially, the customer created the problem, and then proposed to the roof. That is the scheme of the 90s, Putin’s KGB implement against Lukashenko

Operation Anschluss.

The Kremlin may try to use the presidential elections in Belarus to implement the long-planned annexation of this Republic. Putin’s KGB work at their usual criminal schemes of the 90s. First the client creates problems and then offers the roof in terms of establishing control over its business. This scheme is implemented in relation to Lukashenko.

Luke resisted and kicked when he drove in the Russian stall, and lately acted too Greyhound. The Kremlin has decided to use the pre-election situation to create problems for him which he cannot solve without Russian military support. This calculation is based on the fact that Lukashenko, faced with a real threat of losing power, will run to Putin for support. A condition of salvation Luke will be the Anschluss, which he will not be able to refuse.

If the Kiev Maidan to the Russian authorities used as a pretext for the annexation of the Crimea, Minsk – may be the reason for attempts to capture Belarus.

However, Belarus Putin regime is not so easy to eat – choke. The Belarusian opposition is making the right decision in trying to use today is a unique chance for Lukashenka. If he stays in power, sooner or later, no matter how stubborn, will still be forced to give the Belarusian independence. Only a democratic European-oriented Belarusian authorities can ensure the protection of Belarus as an independent state.

Source: Igor Eydman / Facebook

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