In Yakutia to hard labor sentenced the ally of the shaman Gabysheva, who came to liberate other with a toy gun

In Yakutsk the Russian court has sentenced a supporter of shaman Alexander Gabysheva, who tried to free him with a toy gun. About it it is spoken in the decision of the court of 22 July.

The document stated that the man broke into the mental hospital with a toy gun, “expressing clear disrespect for society, ignoring the generally accepted norms and rules of conduct, dictated by the desire to oppose itself to the workers and to show disdain to them.”

During the trial the man admitted guilt. He was convicted under article “hooliganism”.

The court took into account the presence of convicted young children, his performance on the job and has appointed to it punishment in the form of a one year and six months of community service. 5% of the revenue in this period will be charged in favor of the state, the report said.

The verdict has not yet entered.

“Siberia.Realities” report that we are talking about the resident of Tyumen Mikhail Elenberg.

Gabyshev is known that in March 2019 on foot went to Moscow for the ceremony of “exile” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gabyshev considers it a product of dark forces, which the strength to cope only with the shaman. Gabysheva was detained in September on the border of Buryatia and Irkutsk region and returned to Yakutsk.

Against the shaman opened a criminal case on incitement to extremism, he took on his own recognizance.

Psihologo-psychiatric examination by order of investigation acknowledged Gabysheva insane.

In December Gabyshev resumed its March on Moscow, he was almost immediately arrested again. In March the shaman had planned a third trip, but then postponed it because of the pandemic coronavirus.

Gabysheva repeatedly placed in a psychiatric hospital, the last time in early may.

In June, the Russian human rights centre “memorial” recognized political prisoner Gabysheva.

22 July, he was released from the hospital.

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