In the US Senator, who is suspected of illegal sale of shares, resigned as head of the Committee

Member of the U.S. Senate from the Republican party, Richard Burr, on 14 may announced to journalists that he resigned from the Ambassador of the head of the intelligence Committee, reported the television channel CNN.

This was preceded by the beginning of the FBI’s investigation of the sale Burr large blocks of shares in anticipation of the crisis on the stock exchanges, caused by a coronavirus pandemic. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Senator had 33 transactions for amounts from $628 thousand to $1.7 million This happened February 13, a week before the stock market crash. The investigators find out, did Burr insider information received as the head of the parliamentary Committee.

The Senator told the press that he intends to fully support the investigation and that anything bad in his stock transaction was not. He’s not going to leave the Committee and the Senate, but believes he must leave the post of head of the Committee, “not to distract colleagues from hard work”.

The head of the Senate majority Mitch McConnell said that the powers Berra expire on the evening of may 15. Who will be the new head of one of key committees of the upper house, is still unknown.

In the last week of February because of fears of investors on the backdrop of the outbreak of coronavirus infection global stock markets have lost about $5 trillion. March 12, the largest US stocks have fallen more than 7%, which was associated with the decision of President Donald trump ban on direct flights between the United States and continental Europe in the fight against the pandemic.

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