In the United States to vote in the elections wanted to register the deceased 12 years ago cat

Family Timson from Atlanta (USA) came registration form to vote in the election of the President in the name of their dead cat. This July 10, reports Fox News.

Ron told Tim that found in its close to a letter addressed to Cody Tims. However, Cody is the name of his cat that died 12 years ago at the age of 18 years. The man described him as a great pet, who loved his family.

In the office of the Secretary of state told reporters that he had not sent the registration form. According to the authorities, it was done by an unnamed “third parties” who cheated to get a list of the names and addresses of residents.

In addition, the office of the Secretary of state said that even if Cody was still alive and appeared in the elections, he would not be allowed to vote because he had no license or ID state.

The question of how cat would vote if they had the opportunity, the owners said that he is demorat (eng. “DemoCAT”, where “demo” stands for “Democrat” and “cat” – “cat”).

The U.S. presidential election scheduled for 3 November. The main battle for the White house traditionally conducted between the candidates of the two major political forces of the States: the Democratic and Republican parties.

Democrats will almost certainly represent former us Vice-President Joe Biden (all of his rivals have already dropped out of the race), the Republicans, the current President of Donald trump.

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