In the United States launched the network of public scooters-drones

In the town of PEACHTREE corners, Georgia (USA), Technopark Curiosity Lab launched a new public transport system. A fleet of 100 electric scooter converted for unmanned movement will be in test mode to arrive to the challenges employees of the industrial Park to test the effectiveness of the concept. Initially the experiment was supposed to start in January, but the pandemic coronavirus has made adjustments.

Because coronavirus is impossible to activate the main function scooter – free travel between the addressees on the optimal routes. Instead, today’s vehicles leave from the base to the point where they pick up clients, and after a trip yourself back to base. There they are cleansed, recharged and data was entered on the visit log. Technopark though separate, but not isolated area, so there is a risk of transmitting the virus from one passenger to another.

Scooters are not a direct alternative to a taxi, and not just because you can’t sit down and relax. One of the goals of the project is a practical test to see if tiny drones to move around the city without causing an accident, not stopping on sidewalks and maintaining an optimal speed.

In the first phase, the scooter will move inside the Technopark area of 200 hectares, where there are 1,000 people and employs 7.5 thousand Company X has created Go app to communicate scooters and passengers, and the company Tortoise has developed a system for remote positioning. Subsequently, these services will form the basis of the transport system “smart city”.

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