In the United States have calculated two GRU agents, supervising the stuffing of misinformation about the pandemic media

Russian intelligence agencies use three English-language site for the dissemination of misinformation about the pandemic coronavirus, trying to influence the situation in America on the eve of the presidential election. Officials of American intelligence on 28 July on condition of anonymity, told the Agency the Associated Press the names of two Russians in managerial positions in GRU and supervising the campaign for the surge of fakes for a Western audience.

According to sources, AP, Denis Tyurin and Alexander Starunsky are behind the activities of the Agency InfoRos, which manages the sites, and

From late may to early July at these sites was published about 150 materials in which the pandemic is covered with anti-American positions. So, it is emphasized Russia’s role in assisting States in combating the disease are conspiracy theories that COVID-19 is a biological weapon created in the West, etc. Articles written in good English, said the interlocutors.

In addition to the coronavirus in the focus of Russian sites also news about the protests in the United States, filed in a dramatic way, and stories of alleged corrupt ties ex-Vice-President Joe Biden in Ukraine.

USA in February suspected Russia of waging a campaign of fakes on the coronavirus. Indicated that associated with Russia to create fake accounts in social networks was the conspiracy theory that the States are behind the creation of COVID-19. In April, a statement on strengthening the Russian disinformation campaign made at the Pentagon.

In June, the high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Josep Borrell has accused Russia and China in the “infogami” – the deliberate spreading and dissemination of conspiracy theories associated with coronavirus disease.

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