In the United States court temporarily banned from publishing a book niece trump on “the most dangerous man in the world”

Writes Politico, the court granted the request of the younger brother of President Robert trump, claiming that the book violated the confidentiality agreement entered into after the death of their father Fred trump in 1999.

The book was supposed to come out July 28, but the court forbade the publisher to release it before the adoption of the decision on the merits of the claim of Robert trump.

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Today’s “state” in Russian is a shameful euphemism. The state has long rotted from within and lies in the dust. We are held hostage by thieves and murderers

It’s hard to come up with something clearer to describe Putin’s time, the fate of the two Ivanov – the father and the son Safronov, honest people, journalists, patriots of their country… Senior killed (the artists staged a suicide), Junior slandered and arrested on charges of treason. Customers these abominations inhabit, with high probability, close […]