In the United States appointed the first since 2003 the death penalty at the Federal level

In July, the US plans to resume death penalty at the Federal level after 17-year hiatus.

As reported the press service of the mof Ministerstva of justice on June 15, the execution of four prisoners convicted of rape and murder children will be held from 13 to 17 July and 28 August. Ggenprokuror the United States William Barr has given the relevant instructions.

“Voice of America” reminded that the plan of the White house to resume Federal executions were delayed trials regarding the drugs used for lethal injections. The administration won a victory in April, when the court of appeals of the district of Columbia overturned an injunction blocking the execution of death sentences.

“Four murderers, the execution of which is scheduled today, received a full and fair trial in accordance with our Constitution and laws. We owe it to the victims of these terrible crimes and their families,” said Barr.

We are talking about prisoners Daniele Lee, Wesley Purce, Dustin Honken and Keith Nelson. Death sentences they handed down in 1999-2004 years.

The justice Ministry announced that death sentences will lead to the execution at the prison in the city of Terre Haute (Indiana).

In 2003, the U.S. government imposed an informal moratorium on executions, as the Ministry of justice decided to revise their Protocol. The moratorium was imposed because of botched executions, where prisoners gasped or moaned before his death that questioned a painless procedure, told the publication USA Today. The last three executions at the Federal level took place in the United States in 2001-2003, when the President was George W. Bush. Before this, the us government executed a person in 1963 under President John F. Kennedy. In 2019 Bbl ordered to resume lethal executions, but the process was blocked due to litigation.

National Public Radio said that now executions in the United States at the Federal level expects more than 60 people, including a native of Chechnya Johar tsarnaev, who was found guilty in the bombing during the Boston marathon in 2013.

At the same time, capital punishment practiced in some States. According to the data of the organization Death Penalty Information Center, only in 2019 in the different American States executed 22 persons.

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