In the United States abandoned the plan to expel students online forms of education after harsh criticism of the largest universities and IT companies

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump has abandoned his plan to cancel some visas for foreign students, whose universities will move to online courses. On July 15, reports The Independent.

In early July, immigration and customs police USA , saidthat foreign students, which courses were transferred to the online mode due to pandemic coronavirus, must leave the country. Students with visas F-1 and M-1 have been instructed to leave the country or take other measures, such as transfer to a school with a personal training to maintain lawful status.

This decision provoked sharp criticism from the most famous educational institutions in the country – Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology. They challenged the decree in court, and under a claim signed the largest IT organizations in the US – Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Spotify, PayPal, and others, notes Business Insider.

A week later, the administration trump decided to restore the March policy to allow foreign students to legally remain in the country while their universities make adjustments to the course.

The tightening of immigration policies in the U.S. began in April of this year, when trump signed a decree on the temporary ban on the issuance of permits for permanent residence in the United States for certain categories of foreigners.

In June, the list of persons whose visas are cancelled, has been expanded– it was a staff technology industries, scientists and some seasonal workers. The White house said that the decision aims to ensure that businesses hired in the first place of American workers. Many IT companies have opposed tougher, because, according to them, that immigrants make a great contribution to the development of the United States.

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