In the U.S. Senate proposed to impose sanctions against China because of the pandemic coronavirus

A group of us Republican senators introduced a bill on may 12 that, if adopted, will allow the U.S. President to impose sanctions on China because of the coronavirus, reported on the website of the author of the bill, Lindsey Graham.

His co-workers were made by eight senators: Cindy Hyde-Smith, Tom Tillis, Michael brown, Rick Scott, Steve Danes, Todd young, Jim Inhofe and Roger Wicker.

According to the bill “About responsibility for COVID-19”, sanctions against China could be imposed if he did not cooperate in the investigation, which aims to establish what led to the outbreak of coronavirus.

“I am convinced that without cheating the Communist party of China, the virus would not have been here in the U.S.,” said Graham.

He noted that U.S. efforts should be aimed to establish how the virus originated.

“More than 80 thousand Americans died, and millions are out of work due to the fact that China has not been able to contain and prevent the spread of the virus,” – said the Senator.

The bill requires the President within 60 days confirmed to Congress that China has provided a full report to investigate the causes of coronavirus conducted by the United States, its allies, or the world health organization, closed all markets wildlife, where considered to be, start spreading the coronavirus, and freed protesters in Hong Kong who was arrested after the start of the pandemic.

Without such a report, the U.S. President can impose a range of sanctions against China, including an asset freeze, travel ban and cancellation of visas and restrictions on lending to Chinese companies American institutions and the prohibition of the listing of Chinese companies on US stock exchanges.

The US President Donald trump and the Republican party have repeatedly accused the China that he had not warned the world about the seriousness of the epidemic, and Beijing had threatened serious consequences. According to trump, USA several occasions with a request to Chinese authorities to let in the country American experts to investigate the outbreak of a new coronavirus.

According to the Associated Press, China a few days silentthat the virus can be transmitted from person to person and, therefore, could trigger an epidemic. According to some experts, this “paved the way for the pandemic COVID-19”.

In April, the American television channel Fox News, citing several sources familiar with the decisions of the authorities of China and had seen the relevant documents, reported that the spread of the virus did not start from the market and from the Wuhan laboratory and that “patient zero” was her employee.

The foreign Ministry of China declared that the version about the leak of a coronavirus from laboratory of Wuhan has no evidence and that Beijing promptly and fully informed all about the outbreak.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in China. March 11, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

For information, American University, Johns Hopkins, coronavirus in the world infected more than 4.26 million people, 291,9 thousand of them died, and about 1.49 million recovered. USA ranks first in the world in the number of infections and deaths from COVID-19. There is a coronavirus infected nearly 1.36 million people, more than 82.3 per thousand died.

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