In the Premier League to discuss the new rules. Players will have to wear mask in training

Players of the English Premier League will have to cover their faces with protective masks under the new rules to ensure the safe return to full training.

A document setting out the rules of the restart of football in the Premier League, will be discussed at a meeting of Premier League club on Friday, may 1. The proposals were prepared by the Director of the Premier League Richard garlik pressing. Return to training will occur only with the consent of the government.

Plans include testing of all players and officials 48 hours before the start of training. Players will also be checked for possible respiratory problems associated with the coronavirus.

Offers rules that can be implemented in the EPL for training:

  • All soccer balls, cones, corner flags, goal posts and other equipment to be disinfected (before and after use) for personnel wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Players must wear protective masks or respirators all the time.
  • Cars must be parked far from each other.
  • Impossible massage unless approved by the club doctor.
  • The drinks should be left at the designated collection points.
  • Toilet shall be equipped at the training unit.
  • Initially you are only allowed 5 players on the training group.
  • Players are given time slots and 15 minutes to prepare.
  • 75 minute training sessions in small groups and 15 minutes for recovery.
  • Players and staff will be forbidden to spit on the training ground.

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